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(2017) Avoidable costs of stenting for aortic coarctation in the United Kingdom: an economic model. BMC Health Services Research, 17. p. 258. ISSN 1472-6963

(2017) Complementary and alternative medicine contacts by persons with mental disorders in 25 countries: results from the world mental health surveys. Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences. ISSN 2045-7960

(2017) Differences in health-related quality of life between HIV-positive and HIV-negative people in Zambia and South Africa: a cross-sectional baseline survey of the HPTN 071 (PopART) trial. The Lancet Global Health, 5 (11). e1133 - e1141. ISSN 2214-109X

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(2017) The global build-up to intrinsic ELM bursts and comparison with pellet triggered ELMs seen in JET. Nuclear Fusion, 57 (2). 022017. ISSN 0029-5515

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Adeel, Muhammad (2017) Gender inequality in mobility and mode choice in Pakistan. Transportation, 44 (6). pp. 1519-1534. ISSN 0049-4488

Adeel, Muhammad (2017) The suburban gated communities of Pakistan: planning policies and development guidelines have meekly favoured this consumption-based suburbia. Livemint.

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Adraoui, Mohamed Ali (2017) Salafisme quiétiste et islamisme: entre post-islamisme et dépolitisation ? SociologieS. pp. 103-125. ISSN 1992-2655

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