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1. What is LSE Research Online?

LSE Research Online aims to be a complete database of research produced by LSE Staff.

Our mission is to:

2. What does LSE Research Online contain?

The following list summarises the types of research the repository contains. We can accept research from LSE Academic and non-Academic staff members, as well as LSE PhD research students.

3. What is School policy on LSE Research Online?

In June 2008 the Academic Board agreed that:

  1. all LSE research outputs (subject to an opt out by authors in cases where commercial or academic considerations make inclusion inappropriate) will be entered into LSE Research Online.
  2. LSE Research Online is made as useful as possible by the inclusion of abstracts and electronic links to journal articles or publishers' websites.
  3. authors will be encouraged to provide full-text deposits of journal articles in pre-publication form, clearly labelled as such, alongside references to publications.
  4. research outputs included in LSE Research Online will appear in LSE authors' Experts profiles automatically, thereby reusing data collected by LSE Research Online.

4. Why should my work be in LSE Research Online?

For a summary of the way in which adding citations and full text versions aids in the dissemination of research, please follow the link to download a graphical representation showing how LSE Research Online and an LSE Experts profile maximises your research visibility. For further information and advice please email

5. What is LSE Research Online not?

6. Who manages LSE Research Online?

7. How to I deposit my work in LSE Research Online?

8. What is the LSE Research Online deposit agreement?

By depositing your work in LSE Research Online, you (the author(s), copyright owner or assignee), grant a non-exclusive licence to the LSE on behalf of the British Library of Political and Economic Science for the duration of applicable copyright that warrants:

The Repository's Rights and Responsibilities - LSE Research Online:


9. What about copyright?

10. What version of my work will LSE Research Online contain?

Authors are encouraged to deposit work in pre-publication form, clearly labelled as such, alongside web references to publications. This will ensure your work is accessible to all but still closely associated with the publication that contains the published version. Where available LSE Research Online contains links to an article's DOI and the homepage of the journal or publisher website, ensuring the published version is clearly identified to users of the repository.

11. Contacts

General enquiries and to deposit your research:
LSE Research Online

Your department's Academic Support Librarian

12. Glossary

For a glossary of the terminology employed when discussing open access, please see the Open Access Glossary.

13. About this software

This site is powered by EPrints 3, free software developed by the University of Southampton. Other institutions are invited (and encouraged) to set up their own open archives for author self-archiving, using the freely-distributable GNU EPrints software used at this site. For more information see and LSE Research Online supports the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting.