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Ainley, Kirsten (2018) Retreat or retrenchment? An analysis of the International Criminal Court's failure to prosecute presidents. In: Brysk, Alison and Stohl, Michael, (eds.) Contracting Human Rights: Crisis, Accountability, and Opportunity. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK. (In Press)

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Bode, Leticia and Hildebrandt, Timothy (2018) The next Trans-Atlantic frontier: examining the impact of language choice on support for transgender policies in the United Kingdom and the United States. Atlantic Journal of Communication. ISSN 1545-6870 (In Press)

Bremus, Franziska and Neugebauer, Katja (2018) Reduced cross-border lending and financing costs of SMEs. Journal of International Money and Finance, 80. pp. 35-58. ISSN 0261-5606

Brunckhorst, O. and Roman, A. and Parand, Anam (2018) Perioperative care: patient safety and checklists. In: Fisher, Rebecca A. and Ahmed, Kamran and Dasgupta, Prokar, (eds.) Introduction to Surgery for Students. Springer International Publishing, Switzerland. ISBN 9783319432090 (In Press)


Chan, Sander and Falkner, Robert and Goldberg, Matthew and van Asselt, Harro (2018) Effective and geographically balanced? An output-based assessment of non-state climate actions. Climate Policy, 18 (1). pp. 24-35. ISSN 1469-3062

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Finck, Michèle (2018) Fragmentation as an agent of integration. International Journal of Constitutional Law. ISSN 1474-2640 (In Press)

Frege, Carola M. (2018) Migration and employment relations. In: Frege, Carola M. and Kelly, John, (eds.) Comparative Employment Relations in the Global Economy. Routledge, Abingdon, UK. (In Press)


Hagemann, Sara (2018) The Brexit Context. Parliamentary Affairs. ISSN 0031-2290 (In Press)

Hagemann, Sara (2018) The Brexit context. In: Tonge, Jonathan and Leston-Banderia, Cristina and Wilks-Heeg, Stuart, (eds.) Britain Votes 2017. Hansard Society Series in Politics and Government. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9780198820307 (In Press)

Hayhoe, Simon (2018) Ageing, disability, identity and cultural heritage: case studies of passive inclusion in cultural and heritage activities. . Routledge, Abbingdon, Oxford, UK. (In Press)

Hemmings, Clare (2018) Considering Emma Goldman: feminist political ambivalence and the imaginative archive. Next Wave: New Directions in Women's Studies . Duke University Press, Durham, NC. ISBN 9780822369981 (In Press)

Horder, Jeremy (2018) Criminal misconduct in office. Oxford monographs on criminal law and justice . Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9780198823704 (In Press)

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Hughes, James and Kostovicova, Denisa (2018) Introduction: rethinking reconciliation and transitional justice after conflict. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 41 (4). ISSN 0141-9870 (In Press)

Humphreys, Stephen (2018) Climate change pathways and the future of human rights. In: Bhuta, Nehal, (ed.) The Futures of Human Rights. Oxofrd University Press, Oxford, UK. (In Press)

Humphreys, Stephen (2018) The human rights covenants in the light of anthropogenic climate change. In: Moeckli, Daniel and Keller, Helen, (eds.) The Human Rights Covenants: Their Past, Present, and Future. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. (In Press)

Hunter, Janet (2018) Modern business and the rise of the Japanese middle classes. In: Dejung, C and Motadel, David and Osterhamme, J, (eds.) Ethical Capitalism: Shibusawa Eiichi and Business Leadership in Global Perspective. Princeton University Press, Princeton NJ.


Ishkanian, Armine (2018) The square and beyond: trajectories and implications of the square occupations. In: Peeren, E and Celikates, R and de Kloet, J and Poell, T, (eds.) Global cultures of contestation: mobility, sustainability, aesthetics & connectivity. Palgrave studies in globalization, culture and society. Palgrave Macmillan, London, UK, pp. 27-48. ISBN 978-3-319-63982-6


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Khoudja, Yassine and Platt, Lucinda (2018) Labour market entries and exits of women from different origin countries in the UK. Social Science Research, 69. pp. 1-18. ISSN 0049-089X


Lacey, Nicola (2018) Book review: making the modern criminal law: criminalization and civil order. New Criminal Law Review. ISSN 1933-4206

Lacey, Nicola and Soskice, David and Hope, David (2018) Understanding the determinants of penal policy: crime, culture, and comparative political economy. Annual Review of Criminology, 1 (1). ISSN 2572-4568

Lanz, Bruno and Dietz, Simon and Swanson, Tim (2018) The expansion of modern agriculture and global biodiversity decline: an integrated assessment. Ecological Economics, 144. pp. 260-277. ISSN 0921-8009


Mansell, Robin (2018) Science diplomacy and internet governance. In: Marzouki, M. and Calderaro, A., (eds.) Global Internet Governance as a Diplomacy Issue. Rowman and Littlefield, Lanham, USA. (In Press)

Mansfield, David (2018) (Mis)understanding the intersection between development policies and data collection: case study, Afghanistan. International Journal of Drug Policy. ISSN 0955-3959 (In Press)

Mansfield, David (2018) Turning deserts into flowers: settlement and poppy cultivation in southwest Afghanistan. Third World Quarterly. ISSN 0143-6597 (In Press)

McLauchlan, David and Summers, Andrew (2018) Mitigation and causation of benefits. Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly. ISSN 0306-2945 (In Press)

Misuraca, Raffaella and Fasolo, Barbara (2018) Maximizing versus satisficing in the digital age: disjoint scales and the case for “construct consensus”. Personality and Individual Differences, 121. pp. 152-160. ISSN 0191-8869

Moloney, Niamh (2018) EU financial governance after Brexit: the rise of technocracy and the absorption of the UK’s withdrawal. In: Alexander, Kern and Barnard, Catherine and Ferran, Eilís and Lang, Andrew and Moloney, Niamh, (eds.) Brexit and Financial Services: Law and Policy. Hart Publishing, Oxford, UK. ISBN 150991580X (In Press)


Navarrete-Hernández, Pablo (2018) Unleashing waste-pickers potential: supporting recycling cooperatives in Santiago de Chile. World Development, 101. pp. 293-310. ISSN 0305-750X

Nikoloski, Zlatko and Christiaensen, Luc and Hill, Ruth (2018) Household shocks and coping mechanism: evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa. In: Christiaensen, Luc and Demery, Lionel, (eds.) Agriculture in Africa : Telling Myths from Facts. Directions in Development—Agriculture and Rural Development. World Bank, Washington D.C, pp. 123-134.


O'Rourke, Catherine and Swaine, Aisling (2018) CEDAW and the Security Council: women's rights in conflict. International and Comparative Law Quarterly. ISSN 0020-5893 (In Press)

Ostapenko, Laura and Schonhardt-Bailey, Cheryl and Walling Sublette, Jessica and Smink, Douglas S. and Osman, Nora Y. (2018) Textual analysis of general surgery residency personal statements: topics and gender differences. Journal of Surgical Education, 75 (5). ISSN 1931-7204 (In Press)


Pearce, Jenny (2018) Emotional histories: a historiography of resistance in Chalatenango, El Salvador. In: Macloud, Moran and De Marinis, Natalia, (eds.) Emotional Communities. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK. (In Press)

Pearce, Jenny (2018) Politics and violence. . Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK. (In Press)

Pearce, Jenny (2018) Protracted warfare, mutating violences and unequal insecurities: from making to building peace in Colombia. In: McGinty, Roger and Odeslam, Alp, (eds.) Comparing Peace Processes. Routledge, Abingdon, UK. (In Press)

Pelkmans, Mathijs (2018) Doubt, suspicion, mistrust . . . semantic approximations. In: Mühlfried, Florian, (ed.) Mistrust. Ethnographic Approximations. Transcript Verlag, Bielefeld, Germany. ISBN 9783837639230 (In Press)


Simpson, Gerry (2018) In Jerusalem or Argentina: a counter-history of international criminal law. In: Kastner, P., (ed.) The Handbook of International Criminal Law. Routledge, Abingdon, UK. (In Press)

Simpson, Gerry (2018) The end of international criminal law. In: Fassbender, Bardo and Traisbach, Knut, (eds.) The Limits of Human Rights. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. (In Press)

Simpson, Gerry (2018) The political theory of international law. In: Brown, Chris and Eckersley, Robyn, (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Political Theory. Oxford Handbooks. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. (In Press)

Simpson, Gerry (2018) The trial of Adolf Hitler. In: Heller, Kevin and Ohlin, Jens and Nouwen, Marije and Mégret, Frédéric and Robinson, Darryl, (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of International Criminal Law. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. (In Press)

Smith, Karen E. (2018) The UK and ‘genocide’ in Biafra. In: Moses, A. Dirk and Heerten, Lasse, (eds.) Postcolonial Conflict and the Question of Genocide: The Nigeria-Biafra War, 1967-1970. The Routledge Global 1960's and 1970's series. (1). Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, London, UK. ISBN 9780415347587

Stafford, Charles (2018) Moral judgements close to home. Social Anthropology, 26 (1). ISSN 0964-0282 (In Press)

Stuart, Michael T. (2018) How thought experiments increase understanding. In: Stuart, Michael T. and Fehige, Yiftach and Brown, James Robert, (eds.) The Routledge Companion to Thought Experiments. Routledge Philosophy Companions. Routledge, Cambridge, UK. ISBN 9780415735087


Thatcher, Mark (2018) State production of cultural nationalism: political leaders and preservation policies for historic buildings in France and Italy. Nations and Nationalism. ISSN 1354-5078 (In Press)

Thatcher, Mark (2018) The state and historic buildings: preserving ‘the national past’. Nations and Nationalism. ISSN 1354-5078 (In Press)


Voorhoeve, Alex (2018) Why health-related inequalities matter and which ones do. In: Norheim, Ole Frithjof and Emanuel, Ezekiel and Millum, Joseph, (eds.) Global Health Priority-Setting: Beyond Cost-Effectiveness. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. (In Press)


West, Anne and Lewis, Jane (2018) 'Helicopter Parenting’ and ‘Boomerang Children’: How parents support and relate to their student and co-resident graduate children. Routledge Advances in Sociology . Routledge, Abingdon, UK. ISBN 9781138681545 (In Press)

White, Jonathan (2018) Between rules and discretion: thoughts on Ordo-liberalism. In: Hien, Josef and Joerges, Christian, (eds.) Ordoliberalism, Law and the Rule of Economics. Hart Publishing, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9781509919048 (In Press)

White, Jonathan (2018) The British Academy Brian Barry prize essay: the ethics of political alliance. British Journal of Political Science. ISSN 0007-1234 (In Press)


Xenakis, Sappho and Cheliotis, Leonidas (2018) Whither neoliberal penality? The past, present and future of imprisonment in the US. Punishment and Society. ISSN 1462-4745 (In Press)


Zhang, Chi and Motta, Wallis and Georgiou, Myria (2018) The enacted communication action context of ethnically diverse neighbourhoods and its implications for intergroup communication. In: Kim, Yong-Chan and Matsaganis, Matthew and Wilkin, Holley and Jung, Joo-Young, (eds.) The Communication Ecology of 21st Century Urban Communities. Peter Lang. (In Press)

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