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Howson, Colin (2019) Timothy Williamson’s coin-flipping argument: refuted prior to publication. Erkenntnis. pp. 1-9. ISSN 0165-0106

Howson, Colin (2019) A better way of framing Williamson’s coin-tossing argument, but it still does not work. Philosophy of Science, 86 (2). pp. 366-374. ISSN 0031-8248

Howson, Colin (2017) Putting on the Garber style? Better not. Philosophy of Science, 84 (4). pp. 659-676. ISSN 0031-8248

Howson, Colin (2017) How pseudo-hypotheses defeat a non-Bayesian theory of evidence: reply to Bandyopadhyay, Taper, and Brittan. International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 30 (3). pp. 299-306. ISSN 0269-8595

Howson, Colin (2017) Regularity and infinitely tossed coins. European Journal for Philosophy of Science, 7 (1). pp. 97-102. ISSN 1879-4912

Howson, Colin (2016) Repelling a Prussian charge with a solution to a paradox of Dubins. Synthese. pp. 1-9. ISSN 0039-7857

Howson, Colin (2015) Does information inform confirmation? Synthese. pp. 1-15. ISSN 0039-7857

Howson, Colin (2015) David Hume's no-miracles argument begets a valid No-Miracles Argument. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, 54. pp. 41-45. ISSN 0039-3681

Howson, Colin (2015) What probability probably isn't. Analysis, 75 (1). pp. 53-59. ISSN 0003-2638

Howson, Colin (2014) Finite additivity, another lottery paradox and conditionalisation. Synthese, 191 (5). pp. 989-1012. ISSN 0039-7857

Howson, Colin (2013) Hume’s theorem. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, 44 (3). pp. 339-346. ISSN 0039-3681

Howson, Colin (2013) Exhuming the no-miracles argument. Analysis, 73 (2). pp. 205-211. ISSN 0003-2638

Howson, Colin (2012) Modelling uncertain inference. Synthese, 186 (2). pp. 475-492. ISSN 0039-7857

Howson, Colin (2011) No answer to Hume. International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 25 (3). pp. 279-284. ISSN 0269-8595

Howson, Colin (2011) Objecting to God. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. ISBN 9780521186650

Howson, Colin (2011) Bayesianism as a pure logic of Inference. In: Bandyopadhyay, P and Foster, M, (eds.) Philosophy of Statistics. Handbook of the Philosophy of Science. North Holland, Oxford, UK, pp. 441-472. ISBN 9780444518620

Howson, Colin (2011) Truth and the liar. In: DeVidi, David, Hallet, Michael and Clark, Peter, (eds.) Logic, Mathematics, Philosophy, Vintage Enthusiasms: Essays in Honour of John L. Bell. The Western Ontario series in philosophy of science (75). Springer. ISBN 9789400702134

Howson, Colin (2009) Sorites is no threat to modus ponens: a reply to Kochan. International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 23 (2). pp. 209-212. ISSN 0269-8595

Howson, Colin (2009) Can logic be combined with probability? Probably. Journal of Applied Logic, 7 (2). pp. 177-187. ISSN 1570-8683

Howson, Colin (2008) De finetti, countable additivity, consistency and coherence. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 59 (1). pp. 1-23. ISSN 0007-0882

Howson, Colin (2007) An interview with Colin Howson. The Reasoner, 1 (6). pp. 1-3. ISSN 1757-0522

Howson, Colin (2007) Logic with numbers. Synthese, 156 (3). pp. 491-512. ISSN 0039-7857

Howson, Colin (2007) Reply to Hudson: "Howson on novel confirmation". Logic and Philosophy of Science, 5 (1). pp. 33-41. ISSN 1826-1043

Howson, Colin and Urbach, Peter (2005) Scientific reasoning: the Bayesian approach. Open Court, Chicago, USA. ISBN 9780812692358

Howson, Colin (2003) Probability and logic. Journal of Applied Logic, 1 (3-4). pp. 151-165. ISSN 1570-8683

Howson, Colin (2003) Bayesian evidence. In: Galavotti, Maria Carla, (ed.) Observation and Experiment in the Natural and Social Sciences. Boston studies in the philosophy of science. Kluwer, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, pp. 301-320. ISBN 1402012519

Howson, Colin (2002) Bayesianism in statistics. In: Swinburne, Richard, (ed.) Bayes’s Theorem. Proceedings of the British Academy (113). Oxford University Press/British Academy, Oxford, UK, pp. 39-71. ISBN 9780197262672

Howson, Colin (2002) The logic of Bayesian probability. In: Corfield, David and Williamson, Jon, (eds.) Foundations of Bayesianism. Applied logic. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, pp. 137-160. ISBN 9781402002236

Howson, Colin (2000) Hume's problem: induction and the justification of belief. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9780198250388

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