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Kattumuri, Ruth, Sekher, Madhushree and Parasuraman, S, eds. (2018) Governance and governed: multi-country perspectives on state, society and development. Springer Nature Singapore Pte. Ltd., Singapore. ISBN 9789811059629

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Gosnell, Greer (2018) Encouraging customers to go paperless. LSE Business Review (25 Oct 2018). Blog Entry.

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Zenghelis, Dimitri (2018) BRINO satisfies no-one. The Brexit wrangles are far from over. LSE Brexit (14 Nov 2018). Blog Entry.

Zenghelis, Dimitri (2018) Staying in the EU would not be perfect. But it’s the best deal on offer. LSE Brexit (26 Nov 2018). Blog Entry.

Zenghelis, Dimitri (2018) Staying in the EU would not be perfect. But it’s the best deal on offer to the UK. LSE European Politics and Policy (EUROPP) blog (27 Nov 2018). Blog Entry.

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