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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

Ryan, John (2011) Responses to the eurozone crisis. In: Paths through the crisis: can enhanced financial integration provide the way forward for Asia and Europe, 2 December 2011, Brussels, Belgium.


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Hagemann, Sara (2012) EU budget negotiations continue against a backdrop of austerity: but they are still in need of reform to produce a more efficient financial framework. LSE European Politics and Policy (EUROPP) Blog (05 Jun 2012) Blog Entry.

Hale, Lyric (2012) For richer, for poorer?: the European Union that never was. LSE European Politics and Policy (EUROPP) Blog (09 Jun 2012) Blog Entry.

Kapoor , Sony and Goodhart, Charles (2013) Plans for a banking union may not be enough to tackle the eurozone’s economic crisis. European Politics and Policy at LSE (04 Feb 2013) Blog Entry.

Meyer, Henning (2008) Don't sell taxpayers short. Guardian (19 Oct 2008) Opinion Piece.

Meyer, Henning (2008) Make state capitalism pay its way. Guardian (26 Sep 2008) Opinion Piece.

Meyer, Henning and Spiegel, Karl-Heinz (2008) Introducing a new Cif series. Guardian (09 Dec 2008) Opinion Piece.

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