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Yoshikawa, Katsuhiko, Wu, Chia-Huei and Lee, Hyun-Jung (2022) Knowledge sharing on online platforms within organisations: an interactionist perspective on generalised exchange. Applied Psychology. ISSN 0269-994X

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Book Section

Wu, Chia-Huei, Weisman, Hannah, Yoshikawa, Katsuhhiko and Lee, Hyun-Jung (2020) Organizational identification. In: Sessa, V.I. and Bowling, N.A., (eds.) Essentials of Job Attitudes and Other Workplace Psychological Constructs: Theory and Practice. Taylor & Francis, New York, NY. (In Press)

Wu, Chia-Huei and Li, Wen-Dong (2016) Individual differences in proactivity: a developmental perspective. In: Parker, Sharon K. and Bindl, Uta K., (eds.) Proactivity at Work: Making Things Happen in Organizations. Routledge, New York, USA. ISBN 9781848725638

Online resource

Wu, Chia-Huei (2016) Everyone loses when the values of employees clash with those of the firm. LSE Business Review (24 May 2016). Website.

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