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Arensman, Ella, Leduc, Mallorie, O’brien, Cliodhna, Corcoran, Paul, Griffin, Eve, Leduc, Caleb, Coppens, Evelien, Tsantila, Fotini, Ross, Victoria, Abdulla, Kahar, Hauck, Pia, Amann, Benedikt l., Aust, Birgit, Pashoja, Arlinda Cerga, Cresswell-Smith, Johanna, D’alessandro, Luigia, Fanaj, Naim, Greiner, Birgit a., Luyten, Jeroen, Mathieu, Sharna, Maxwell, Margaret, Qirjako, Gentiana, Reich, Hanna, Sanches, Sarita, Tóth, Monika ditta, Kilroy, Joseph, Michell, Karen, Reavley, Nicola, McDaid, David ORCID: 0000-0003-0744-2664, Van Audenhove, Chantal, O’connor, Ainslie, Moreno-Alcázar, Ana, Meksi, Andia, Szekely, Andras, Lamontagne, Anthony, Como, Ariel, Dushaj, Arilda, Doukani, Asmae, Justicia, Azucena, Hogg, Bridget, Holland, Carolyn, Paterson, Charlotte, Lockwood, Chris, Guinart, Daniel, Dhálaigh, Doireann Ní, Kim, Dooyoung, Williamson, Eileen, Zsak, Eva, Burazeri, Genc, Cully, Grace, Davey, Grace, Purebl, György, Serbanescu, Ilinca, Van Weeghel, Jaap, Alcaraz, Juan Carlos Medina, Eustace, Joe, Hug, Juliane, Kõlves, Kairi, Mulcahy, Karen, Thomson, Katherine, Wahlbeck, Kristian, De Winter, Lars, Cox, Laura, Fontana, Marta, Trembeczky, Peter, Driessen, Pia, Lohmann-Devantier, Rebecca, Rugulies, Reiner, Benson, Ruth, Rapeli, Saara, Ihinonvien, Sarah, Mustafa, Sevim, Hackel, Stefan, Alexander, Susan, King, Tanya, Hegerl, Ulrich, Scott, Vanda and Orchard, Wendy (2023) Implementation and evaluation of a multi-level mental health promotion intervention for the workplace (MENTUPP): study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial. Trials, 24 (1). ISSN 1745-6215

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Book Section

Luyten, Jeroen (2013) Mutual moral obligations in the prevention of infectious diseases. In: Denier, Yvonne, Gastmans, Chris and Vandevelde, Antoon, (eds.) Justice, Luck & Responsibility in Health Care: Philosophical Background and Ethical Implications for End-of-Life Care. Library of Ethics and Applied Philosophy (30). Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht, Netherlands, pp. 85-100. ISBN 9789400753341


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