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Abonga, Francis and Brown, Charlotte (2022) Restoration and renewal through sport: gendered experiences of resilience for war-affected youth in northern Uganda. Civil Wars, 24 (2 - 3). 230 - 253. ISSN 1369-8249

Alba, Richard and Maggio, Christopher (2022) Demographic change and assimilation in the early 21st-century United States. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 119 (13). ISSN 1091-6490

Baranowska-Rataj, Anna, Barclay, Kieron, Costa-Font, Joan ORCID: 0000-0001-7174-7919, Myrskylä, Mikko and Özcan, Berkay ORCID: 0000-0003-2255-9406 (2022) Preterm birth and educational disadvantage: heterogeneous effects. Population Studies. ISSN 1477-4747

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F. (2022) COVID-19 led to a decline in climate and environmental concern: evidence from UK panel data. Climatic Change, 174 (3 - 4). ISSN 0165-0009

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F. and Bernauer, Thomas (2022) Domestic provision of global public goods: how other countries’ behavior affects public support for climate policy. Global Environmental Politics, 22 (1). pp. 117-138. ISSN 1526-3800

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F., Bernauer, Thomas and Prakash, Aseem (2022) Are policies with obfuscated cost implications more appealing to citizens? Insights from a survey experiment on policies against vehicle pollution in Beijing and New Delhi. Environmental Politics. ISSN 0964-4016 (In Press)

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F., Bernauer, Thomas and Prakash, Aseem (2022) Command and control or market-based instruments? Public support for policies to address vehicular pollution in Beijing and New Delhi. Environmental Politics. ISSN 0964-4016

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F., Bernauer, Thomas and Prakash, Aseem (2022) Do policy clashes between the judiciary and the executive affect public opinion? Insights from New Delhi’s odd-even rule against air pollution. Journal of Public Policy, 42 (1). 185 - 200. ISSN 0143-814X

Beiser-McGrath, Liam F., Huber, Robert A., Bernauer, Thomas and Koubi, Vally (2022) Parliament, people or technocrats? Explaining mass public preferences on delegation of policymaking authority. Comparative Political Studies, 55 (4). 527 - 554. ISSN 0010-4140

Biegert, Thomas ORCID: 0000-0001-5437-2561, Brady, David and Hipp, Lena (2022) Cross-national variation in the relationship between welfare generosity and single mother employment. Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 702 (1). 37 - 54. ISSN 1552-3349

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Brown, Jennifer ORCID: 0000-0002-6395-0244 (2022) Refocusing rape investigations: a commentary on research supporting Operation Soteria Bluestone. International Criminology. ISSN 2662-9976 (In Press)

Brown, Jennifer ORCID: 0000-0002-6395-0244 (2022) Refocussing rape investigations: a commentary on research supporting Operation Soteria Bluestone. International Criminology, 2 (3). 305 – 316. ISSN 2662-9976

Brown, Jennifer ORCID: 0000-0002-6395-0244 and Fleming, Jenny (2022) Exploration of individual and work-related impacts on police officers and police staff working in support or front-line roles during the UK’s first COVID lockdown. The Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles, 95 (1). 50 - 72. ISSN 0032-258X

Brown, Jennifer ORCID: 0000-0002-6395-0244, S. Figueiredo, Mónica and Horvath, Miranda A.H. (2022) Taking stock; a review of the state of forensic psychology as revealed through an analysis of journal articles 2015-20. Journal of Forensic Psychology Research and Practice.

Bruzelius, Cecilia and Shutes, Isabel ORCID: 0000-0002-5325-3541 (2022) Towards an understanding of mobility in social policy research. Global Social Policy. ISSN 1468-0181

Cantó, Olga, Figari, Francesco, Fiorio, Carlo V., Kuypers, Sarah, Marchal, Sarah, Romaguera-de-la-Cruz, Marina, Tasseva, Iva V. ORCID: 0000-0003-3302-8918 and Verbist, Gerlinde (2022) Welfare resilience at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in a selection of European countries: impact on public finance and household incomes. Review of Income and Wealth, 68 (2). 293 - 322. ISSN 0034-6586

Chan, Randolph C.H., Suen, Yiu Tung and Wong, Eliz Miu Yin (2022) The influence of concerns about a child’s sexual orientation on mental health among parents of lesbian, gay, and bisexual children in Hong Kong. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 51 (7). 3497 - 3512. ISSN 0004-0002

Chang, Grace (2022) How is adolescents' time allocation associated with their self-esteem and self-efficacy? Evidence from four developing countries. The Journal of Development Studies. ISSN 0022-0388

Chang, Grace, Favara, Marta and Novella, Rafael (2022) The origins of cognitive skills and non-cognitive skills: the long-term effect of in-utero rainfall shocks in India. Economics and Human Biology, 44. ISSN 1570-677X

Cheliotis, Leonidas (2022) Depression and repression: global capitalism, economic crisis and penal politics in interwar Greece. European Journal of Criminology, 19 (3). 419 - 441. ISSN 1477-3708

Cheliotis, Leonidas and McKay, Tasseli (2022) Uneasy partnerships: prisoner re-entry, family problems and state coercion in the era of neoliberalism. Punishment & Society, 24 (4). 692 - 714. ISSN 1462-4745

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Chu, Kiki K. (2022) Power of the eyes: deterring sexual harassment in Tokyo subways using images of watchful eyes. Behavioural Public Policy, 6 (4). 674 - 685. ISSN 2398-063X

Cooper, Kerris and Burchardt, Tania ORCID: 0000-0003-4822-4954 (2022) How divided is the attitudinal context for policymaking? Changes in public attitudes to the welfare state, inequality and immigration over two decades in Britain. Social Policy and Administration, 56 (1). 1 - 18. ISSN 0144-5596

Dieterle, Carolin (2022) Global governance meets local land tenure: international codes of conduct for responsible land investments in Uganda. The Journal of Development Studies, 58 (3). 582 - 598. ISSN 0022-0388

Donnaloja, Victoria (2022) British nationals’ preferences over who gets to be a citizen according to a choice-based conjoint experiment. European Sociological Review, 38 (2). 202 - 218. ISSN 0266-7215

Donnaloja, Victoria and McAvay, Haley (2022) The multidimensionality of national belonging: patterns and implications for immigrants’ naturalisation intentions. Social Science Research, 106. ISSN 0049-089X

Doyle, Mary-Alice ORCID: 0000-0002-6363-4612, Schurer, Stefanie and Silburn, Sven (2022) Unintended consequences of welfare reform: evidence from birthweight of Aboriginal children in Australia. Journal of Health Economics, 84. ISSN 0167-6296

Džakula, Aleksandar, Banadinović, Maja, Lovrenčić, Iva Lukačević, Vajagić, Maja, Dimova, Antoniya, Rohova, Maria, Minev, Mincho, Scintee, Silvia Gabriela, Vladescu, Cristian, Farcasanu, Dana, Robinson, Susannah, Spranger, Anne, Sagan, Anna and Rechel, Bernd (2022) A comparison of health system responses to COVID-19 in Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania in 2020. Health Policy, 126 (5). pp. 456-464. ISSN 0168-8510

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Gutierrez Cofre, Gabriel, Lupton, Ruth, Carrasco, Alejandro and Rasse, Alejandra (2022) Comparing degrees of ‘publicness’ and ‘privateness’ in school systems: the development and application of a public-private Index. Journal of Education Policy, 38 (3). pp. 500-520. ISSN 0268-0939

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Lazarus, Suleman, Button, Mark and Adogame, Afe (2022) Advantageous comparison: using twitter responses to understand similarities between cybercriminals (“Yahoo boys”) and politicians (“Yahoo men”). Heliyon, 8 (11). e11142. ISSN 2405-8440

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