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Brennan, John (1997) Authority, legitimacy and change: the rise of quality assessment in higher education. Higher Education Management, 9 (1). pp. 7-29. ISSN 1609-6924

Brennan, John and Little, Brenda (1997) Steering higher education towards the workplace. Higher Education in Europe, 22 (4). pp. 531-537. ISSN 0379-7724

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Hills, John (1997) Book review: America unequal, by Sheldon Danziger; Peter Gottschalk. British Journal of Sociology, 48 (3). pp. 525-526. ISSN 0007-1315

Hills, John (1997) Brown banks on a "seamless system". Financial Times. ISSN 0307-1766

Hills, John (1997) A CASE for investigation. LSE Magazine. ISSN 0023-639X

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