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Ali, Suki (2003) To be a girl: gender, culture and class in schools. Gender and Education, 15 (3). pp. 269-283. ISSN 0954-0253

Atton, Chris and Couldry, Nick ORCID: 0000-0001-8233-3287 (2003) Introduction. Media, Culture and Society, 25 (5 : sp). pp. 579-586. ISSN 0163-4437

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Barker, Eileen (2003) Harm and new religious movements: some notes on a sociological perspective. Cultic Studies Review, 2 (1). ISSN 1539-0152

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Couldry, Nick ORCID: 0000-0001-8233-3287 (2003) Media meta-capital: extending the range of Bourdieu's field theory. Theory and Society, 32 (5-6). pp. 653-677. ISSN 0304-2421

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Mai, Nicola and Schwandners-Sievers, Stephanie (2003) Albanian migration and new transnationalisms. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 29 (6). pp. 939-948. ISSN 1369-183X

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Rose, Nikolas (2003) Kontroll. Fronesis (14-15). pp. 82-101. ISSN 1404-2614

Rose, Nikolas (2003) Neurochemical selves. Society, 41 (1). pp. 46-59. ISSN 0147-2011

Sassen, Saskia (2003) Globalization or denationalization? Review of International Political Economy, 10 (1). pp. 1-22. ISSN 0969-2290

Sassen, Saskia (2003) The participation of states and citizens in global governance. Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, 10 (1). pp. 5-28. ISSN 1080-0727

Sassen, Saskia (2003) The state and globalization. Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, 5 (2). pp. 241-248. ISSN 1369-801x

Schuster, Liza (2003) Asylum seekers: Sangatte and the Channel tunnel. Parliamentary Affairs, 56 (3). pp. 506-522. ISSN 0031-2290

Schuster, Liza (2003) Common sense or racism? The treatment of asylum seekers in Europe. Patterns of Prejudice, 37 (3). pp. 233-256. ISSN 0031-322X

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White, Michael, Hill, Stephen, McGovern, Patrick ORCID: 0000-0003-3984-2080, Mills, Colin and Smeaton, Deborah (2003) "High-performance" management practices, working hours and work-life balance. British Journal of Industrial Relations, 41 (2). pp. 175-195. ISSN 0007-1080

Book Section

Badcock, Christopher (2003) Eugenics. In: Christensen, Karen and Levinson, David, (eds.) Encyclopedia of Community: From the Village to the Virtual World. Berkshire Publishing Group, Great Barrington, MA, USA, pp. 469-470. ISBN 9780761925989

Barker, Eileen (2003) Rights and wrongs of new forms of religiosity in Europe: problems of pluralism in Europe at the beginning of the 21st century. In: Lehmann, H., (ed.) Multireligiosiät Im Vereinten Europa: Historische und Juristische Aspekte. Wallstein Verlag, Göttingen, Germany, pp. 215-237.

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Tavernor, Robert (2003) Brevity without obscurity: text and image in the architectural treatises of Daniele Barbaro and Andrea Palladio. In: Palmer, Rodney and Frangenberg, Thomas, (eds.) The Rise of the IMAge: Essays on the History of the Illustrated Art Book. Reinterpreting classicism. Ashgate Dartmouth, Aldershot, pp. 105-134. ISBN 9780754605591

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Commission for Racial Equality (2003) Promoting race equality in the English NHS : a progress review. . Commission for Racial Equality, London, UK.

Hobbs, Richard (2003) Alcohol and the night time economy. . Alcohol Concern, London, UK.


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Stewart, Elizabeth (2003) Exploring twins: towards a social analysis of twinship. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9781403911667

Online resource

Schuster, Liza (2003) Asylum seekers and state racism in Europe. Opendemocracy.Net (16 Oct 2003). Website.

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