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Anheier, Helmut K. and Stares, Sally (2002) Introducing the global civil society index. In: Glasius, Marlies, Kaldor, Mary and Anheier, Helmut K., (eds.) Global Civil Society Yearbook 2002. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, pp. 241-254. ISBN 9780199251681


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Conversi, Daniele (2002) Central secession: towards a new analytical concept? The case of former Yugoslavia. In: Riefler, H., (ed.) Nationhood, War and the Multinational State in Former Yugoslavia. Arbeitspapier (39). Österreichische Institut für Internationale Politik, Vienna, Austria, pp. 25-44.

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Dowding, Keith (2002) Rational choice and institutional change: an overview of current theories. In: Steunenberg, Bernard, (ed.) Widening the European Union. Routledge advances in European politics (1st). Routledge, London, pp. 21-38. ISBN 9780415268356

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