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Acosta, Pablo, Baez, Javier E., Caruso, Germán and Carcach, Carlos (2023) The scars of civil war: the long-term welfare effects of the Salvadoran armed conflict. Economía, 22 (1). 203 – 217. ISSN 1529-7470

Adlam, Emily (2023) Are entropy bounds epistemic? Philosophy of Physics, 1 (1). ISSN 2753-5908

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Ali, Abdul Kadir Ali (2023) Displacement in place and the financial crisis in Lebanon. Journal of Refugee Studies. ISSN 0951-6328

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Benadi, Hanane and Walters, James (2023) Can faith groups drive action on climate change? Religion and Global Society (30 Oct 2023). Blog Entry.

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Brakke, Gray (2023) Ambivalent insurgencies: citizenship, land politics and development in Hanoi and its periurban fringe. Urban Studies, 60 (6). pp. 1123-1138. ISSN 0042-0980

Brazier, Joan F., Meehan, Amy, Shield, Renee R., White, Elizabeth M., Grabowski, David C., Geng, Fangli and Gadbois, Emily A. (2023) All hands on deck”: administrator perspectives on managing COVID-19 outbreaks in U.S. nursing homes. Journal of Long-term Care, 2023. 297 - 310. ISSN 2516-9122

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Brombacher, Daniel and Santos, Hector Fabio (2023) The Amazon in the crossfire. Review of the special chapter of the UN World Drug Report 2023 on the Amazon Basin. Journal of Illicit Economies and Development, 5 (1). 13 - 18. ISSN 2516-7227

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Ekpenyong, Mandu Stephen, Pfende, Farai and Nyashanu, Mathew (2023) Exploring the challenges faced by health care professionals working with people living with dementia amid COVID-19 pandemic in the English West Midlands region. Journal of Long-Term Care, 2023. 83 - 91. ISSN 2516-9122

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