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Jackson, Emily (2021) Challenging the comparison in Montgomery between patients and 'consumers exercising choices'. Medical Law Review, 29 (4). 595 - 612. ISSN 0967-0742

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Book Section

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Online resource

Jackson, Emily (2016) Egg freezing has little to do with inflexible workplaces. LSE Business Review (23 Feb 2016). Website.

Jackson, Emily (2011) A new amendment on abortion guidance will instead institute delays for women seeking medical help. British Politics and Policy at LSE (31 Aug 2011). Website.

Jackson, Emily (2011) UK citizens can access assisted suicide, but they must travel to Zurich in order to do so: this is illogical, but more importantly, it imposes an unfair burden on terminally ill individuals. British Politics and Policy at LSE (03 Jun 2011). Website.

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