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Birch, Jonathan ORCID: 0000-0001-7517-4759 (2017) Animal sentience and the precautionary principle. Animal Sentience, 2 (16). ISSN 2377-7478

Boström, Magnus and Klintman, Mikael (2017) Can we rely on ‘climate-friendly’ consumption? Journal of Consumer Culture. ISSN 1469-5405

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Ross, Lewis D. (2020) How intellectual communities progress. Episteme. ISSN 1742-3600

Salis, Fiora (2017) Essay review: Models and exploratory models. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, 63. pp. 58-61. ISSN 0039-3681

Salis, Fiora (2016) The nature of model-world comparisons. The Monist, 99 (3). pp. 243-259. ISSN 0026-9662

Salis, Fiora (2016) The problem of satisfaction conditions and the dispensability of i-desire. Erkenntnis, 81 (1). pp. 105-118. ISSN 0165-0106

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Spiekermann, Kai ORCID: 0000-0003-4983-5589 (2013) Book review: Framing democracy: a behavioral approach to democratic theory, Jamie Terence Kelly. Ethics, 123 (3). pp. 568-572. ISSN 0014-1704

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Stock, Paul (2017) Towards a language of 'Europe': history, rhetoric, community. European Legacy, 22 (6). pp. 647-666. ISSN 1084-8770

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Wüthrich, Nicolas (2017) Book review: review of Peter Spiegler's Behind the model: a constructive critique of economic modelling. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2015. 201pp. Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, 10 (1). pp. 124-132. ISSN 1876-9098

Ypi, Lea (2013) The owl of Minerva only flies at dusk, but to where? A reply to critics. Ethics and Global Politics, 6 (2). pp. 117-134. ISSN 1654-4951

Zeiderman, Austin ORCID: 0000-0002-3694-3719 (2014) Commentary on: 'Pandemic prophecy, or how to have faith in reason' by Carlo Caduff. Current Anthropology, 55 (3). pp. 312-315. ISSN 0011-3204

Book Section

Bright, L. K. (2023) Du Bois on the centralized organization of science. In: Griffioen, Amber L. and Backmann, Marius, (eds.) Pluralizing Philosophy’s Past: New Reflections in the History of Philosophy. Springer International (Firm), 31 - 43. ISBN 9783031134043

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Madhok, Sumi ORCID: 0000-0002-3192-6098 and Evans, Mary (2014) Epistemology and marginality. In: Evans, Mary, Hemmings, Clare, Henry, Marsha, Johnstone, Hazel, Madhok, Sumi, Plomien, Ania and Wearing, Sadie, (eds.) The SAGE Handbook of Feminist Theory. Sage Publications Ltd., London, UK, pp. 1-8. ISBN 9781446252413

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Wüthrich, Nicolas (2016) Conceptualizing uncertainty: an assessment of the uncertainty framework of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. In: Recent Developments in the Philosophy of Science: EPSA15 Düsseldorf. European Studies in the Philosophy of Science. Springer Berlin / Heidelberg. (Submitted)


Bradley, Richard ORCID: 0000-0003-2184-7844 (2007) Reaching a consensus. LSE Choice Group working paper series (vol. 3, no. 3). The Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science (CPNSS), London, UK.

List, Christian ORCID: 0000-0003-1627-800X and Rabinowicz, Wlodek (2012) Two intuitions about free will: alternative possibilities and endorsement. . London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK. (Submitted)

Conference or Workshop Item

Campbell, Ian (2018) What makes a good life? In: LSE Research Festival 2018, 2018-02-19 - 2018-02-24, London School of Economics, London, United Kingdom, GBR.


Bovens, Luc and Hartmann, Stephan (2004) Bayesian epistemology. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 0199269750

Cartwright, Nancy (2007) Hunting causes and using them: approaches in philosophy and economics. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 0521860814

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Klintman, Mikael (2016) Human sciences and human interests: integrating the social, economic, and evolutionary sciences. Routledge Advances in Sociology. Routledge, London, UK. ISBN 9781138897984

Mahtani, Anna ORCID: 0000-0003-1581-4325 (2024) The objects of credence. Oxford University Press, Oxford, United Kingdom. ISBN 9780198847892

Online resource

Mcdonagh, Luke (2014) Book review: Walter Benjamin: a critical life by Howard Eiland and Michael W. Jennings. LSE Review of Books (11 Apr 2014). Blog Entry.

Rowe, Tom (2016) Providing aid and foreseeing harm. LSE Philosophy Blog (06 Dec 2016). Website.

Sharman, Amelia (2013) Book review: The fanaticism of the apocalypse. LSE Review of Books (13 Jun 2013). Website.

Smeltzer, Joshua (2017) Book review: Marx, capital and the madness of economic reason by David Harvey. USApp - American Politics and Policy Blog (24 Sep 2017). Website.

Audio/visual resource

Falkiner, Daniel (2014) Fallen. LSE Research Festival 2014, The London School of Economics and Political Science, GBR. (Submitted)

Falkiner, Daniel (2014) Nemesis. LSE Research Festival 2014, The London School of Economics and Political Science, GBR. (Submitted)

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