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Klug, Francesca and Gordon, Jane (2010) Co-editors of special issue of the European human rights law review: 10th anniversary of the Human Rights Act. European Human Rights Law Review, Special Issue: 10 Years of the Human Rights Act, 6. pp. 551-554. ISSN 1361-1526

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Book Section

Klug, Francesca (2012) The Human Rights Act: origins and intentions. In: Kang-Riou, Nicolas, Milner, Jo and Nayak, Suryia, (eds.) Confronting the Human Rights Act: Contemporary Themes and Perspectives. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, Abingdon, UK, pp. 31-42. ISBN 9780415674706

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Klug, Francesca (2008) Human rights and speaking out. In: Karpf, Anne, Klug, Brian, Rose, Jacqueline and Rosenbaum, Barbara, (eds.) A Time to Speak Out: Independent Jewish Voices on Israel, Zionism and Jewish Identity. Verso, London, UK. ISBN 9781844672295

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Online resource

Klug, Francesca (2018) Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70: our government might not organise a party, but the rest of us should. British Politics and Policy at LSE (27 Feb 2018). Blog Entry.

Klug, Francesca (2015) Francesca Klug, UK. LSE Institute of Public Affairs Blog (30 Apr 2015). Blog Entry.

Kang-Riou, Nicolas, Nolan, Aiofe, Klug, Francesca and O'Cinnneide, Colm (2014) “Highly problematic, to put it mildly”: Experts react to David Cameron’s pledge to repeal the Human Rights Act. Democratic Audit Blog (03 Oct 2014). Website.

Klug, Francesca and Williams, Amy (2012) As long as the UK is bound by the ECHR, it is hard toenvisage how a new UK Bill of Rights could ‘solve’ theperceived problems of the Human Rights Act. British Politics and Policy at LSE (08 Oct 2012). Blog Entry.

Wildbore, Helen and Klug, Francesca (2011) Replacing the Human Rights Act with a weaker British Bill of Rights would send a sign to the international community that we are no longer serious about human rights. British Politics and Policy at LSE (20 Dec 2011). Blog Entry.

Klug, Francesca (2010) Why has the left become so illiberal? Opendemocracy (18 Jun 2010). Website.

Klug, Francesca (2010) Human values, not tabloid values. Opendemocracy (26 Mar 2010). Website.

Klug, Francesca (2009) “Solidity or wind?” What’s on the menu in the bill of rights debate? Opendemocracy (12 Feb 2009). Website.

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