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Leresche, Enrica, Hossain, Mazeda ORCID: 0000-0002-1878-8145, Rossi, Rodolfo, Truppa, Claudia, Barth, Cornelia Anne, Mactaggart, Islay, Leaning, Jennifer and Singh, Neha (2023) Do we really want to know? The journey to implement empirical research recommendations in the ICRC's responses in Myanmar and Lebanon. Disasters, 47 (2). 437 - 463. ISSN 0361-3666

Apgar, Marina, Fournie, Guillaume, Haesler, Barbara, Higdon, Grace Lyn, Kenny, Leah, Oppel, Annalena, Pauls, Evelyn, Smith, Matthew, Snijder, Mieke, Vink, Daan and Hossain, Mazeda ORCID: 0000-0002-1878-8145 (2023) Revealing the relational mechanisms of research for development through social network analysis. European Journal of Development Research, 35 (2). 323 - 350. ISSN 0957-8811

Kenny, Leah, Lokot, Michelle, Bhatia, Amiya, Hassan, Rahma, Pyror, Shannon, Dagadu, Nana Apenem, Aden, Abdullahi, Shariff, Abdalla, Bacchus, Loraine J., Hossain, Mazeda ORCID: 0000-0002-1878-8145 and Cislaghi, Beniamino (2022) Gender norms and family planning amongst pastoralists in Kenya: a qualitative study in Wajir and Mandera. Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters, 30 (1). ISSN 2641-0397

Kenny, Leah, Bhatia, Amiya, Lokot, Michelle, Hassan, Rahma, Aden, Abdullahi Hussein, Muriuki, Angela, Ahmed Osman, Ibrahim, Kanyuuru, Lynn, Pryor, Shannon, Bacchus, Loraine J., Cislaghi, Beniamino and Hossain, Mazeda ORCID: 0000-0002-1878-8145 (2022) Improving provision of family planning among pastoralists in Kenya: perspectives from health care providers, community and religious leaders. Global Public Health, 17 (8). 1594 - 1610. ISSN 1744-1692

Lowe, Hattie, Kenny, Leah, Hassan, Rahma, Bacchus, Loraine J., Njoroge, Pauline, Dagadu, Nana Apenem, Hossain, Mazeda ORCID: 0000-0002-1878-8145 and Cislaghi, Beniamino (2022) If she gets married when she is young, she will give birth to many kids: a qualitative study of child marriage practices amongst nomadic pastoralist communities in Kenya. Culture, Health and Sexuality, 24 (7). 886 - 901. ISSN 1369-1058

Raftery, Philomena, Howard, Natasha, Palmer, Jennifer and Hossain, Mazeda ORCID: 0000-0002-1878-8145 (2022) Gender-based violence (GBV) coordination in humanitarian and public health emergencies: a scoping review. Conflict and Health, 16 (1). ISSN 1752-1505

Raftery, Philomena, Hossain, Mazeda ORCID: 0000-0002-1878-8145 and Palmer, Jennifer (2022) A conceptual framework for analysing partnership and synergy in a global health alliance: case of the UK Public Health Rapid Support Team. Health Policy and Planning, 37 (3). 322 - 336. ISSN 1460-2237

Devries, Karen, Balliet, Manuela, Thornhill, Kerrie, Knight, Louise, Procureur, Fanny, N’djoré, Yah Ariane Bernadette, N’guessan, Dedou Gruzshca Ferrand, Merrill, Katherine G, Dally, Mustapha, Allen, Elizabeth, Hossain, Mazeda, Cislaghi, Beniamino, Tanton, Clare and Quintero, Lucia (2021) Can the ‘learn in peace, educate without violence’ intervention in Cote d’Ivoire reduce teacher violence? Development of a theory of change and formative evaluation results. BMJ Open, 11 (11). e044645. ISSN 2044-6055

Raftery, Philomena, Hossain, Mazeda and Palmer, Jennifer (2021) An innovative and integrated model for global outbreak response and research - a case study of the UK Public Health Rapid Support Team (UK-PHRST). BMC Public Health, 21 (1). ISSN 1471-2458

Kenny, Leah, Hassan, Rahma, Bacchus, Loraine J., Smith, Matthew, Shell-Duncan, Bettina, Dagadu, Nana Apenem, Muriuki, Angela, Aden, Abdullahi Hussein, Jelle, Ibrahim Abdirizak, Cislaghi, Beniamino and Hossain, Mazeda (2021) Reproductive health decision making among nomadic pastoralists in North Eastern Kenya: a qualitative social network analysis. Reproductive Health, 18 (1). ISSN 1742-4755

Hossain, Mazeda, Pearson, Rachel Jane, Mcalpine, Alys, Bacchus, Loraine J., Spangaro, Jo, Muthuri, Stella, Muuo, Sheru, Franchi, Giorgia, Hess, Tim, Bangha, Martin and Izugbara, Chimaraoke (2021) Gender-based violence and its association with mental health among Somali women in a Kenyan refugee camp: a latent class analysis. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 75 (4). 327 - 334. ISSN 0143-005X

McAlpine, Alys, Bacchus, Loraine J., Muuo, Sheru W., Muthuri, Stella K., Bangha, Martin, Izugbara, Chimaraoke, Franchi, Giorgia, Hess, Tim, Spangaro, Jo, Pearson, Rachel and Hossain, Mazeda (2020) Research challenges in evaluating gender-based violence response services in a refugee camp. Global Health Action, 13 (1). ISSN 1654-9880

Hossain, Mazeda, Pearson, Rachel, Mcalpine, Alys, Bacchus, Loraine, Muuo, Sheru W., Muthuri, Stella K, Spangaro, Jo, Kuper, Hannah, Franchi, Giorgia, Pla Cordero, Ricardo, Cornish-spencer, Sarah, Hess, Tim, Bangha, Martin and Izugbara, Chimaraoke (2020) Disability, violence, and mental health among Somali refugee women in a humanitarian setting. Global Mental Health, 7. ISSN 2054-4251

Kiss, Ligia, Quinlan-Davidson, Meaghen, Pasquero, Laura, Tejero, Patricia Ollé, Hogg, Charu, Theis, Joachim, Park, Andrew, Zimmerman, Cathy and Hossain, Mazeda (2020) Male and LGBT survivors of sexual violence in conflict situations: a realist review of health interventions in low-and middle-income countries. Conflict and Health, 14 (1). ISSN 1752-1505

Muuo, Sheru, Muthuri, Stella Kagwiria, Mutua, Martin Kavao, McAlpine, Alys, Bacchus, Loraine J., Ogego, Hope, Bangha, Martin, Hossain, Mazeda and Izugbara, Chimaraoke (2020) Barriers and facilitators to care-seeking among survivors of gender-based violence in the Dadaab refugee complex. Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters, 28 (1). ISSN 2641-0397

Hossain, Mazeda, Howard, Natasha and Singh, Neha (2019) A resolution without resolve: UN Security Council fails to protect women and girls in conflict. Thomson Reuters Foundation News.

Izugbara, Chimaraoke, Muthuri, Stella, Muuo, Sheru, Egesa, Carolyne, Franchi, Giorgia, Mcalpine, Alys, Bacchus, Loraine and Hossain, Mazeda (2018) ‘They Say Our Work Is Not Halal’: Experiences and challenges of refugee community workers involved in gender-based violence prevention and care in Dadaab, Kenya. Journal of Refugee Studies. ISSN 0951-6328

Baba-Ari, Fatima, Eboreime, Ejemai Amaize and Hossain, Mazeda (2018) Conditional cash transfers for maternal health interventions: Factors influencing uptake in North-Central Nigeria. International Journal of Health Policy and Management, 7 (10). pp. 934-942. ISSN 2322-5939

Blanchet, Karl, Ramesh, Anita, Frison, Severine, Warren, Emily, Hossain, Mazeda, Smith, James, Knight, Abigail, Post, Nathan, Lewis, Christopher, Woodward, Aniek, Dahab, Maysoon, Ruby, Alexander, Sistenich, Vera, Pantuliano, Sara and Roberts, Bayard (2017) Evidence on public health interventions in humanitarian crises. The Lancet, 390 (10109). pp. 2287-2296. ISSN 0140-6736

Annan, J., Falb, K., Kpebo, D., Hossain, Mazeda and Gupta, J. (2017) Reducing PTSD symptoms through a gender norms and economic empowerment intervention to reduce intimate partner violence: a randomized controlled pilot study in Côte D'Ivoire. Global Mental Health, 4. e22. ISSN 2054-4251

Devries, Karen M, Knight, Louise, Child, Jennifer C, Kyegombe, Nambusi, Hossain, Mazeda, Lees, Shelley, Watts, Charlotte and Naker, Dipak (2017) Witnessing intimate partner violence and child maltreatment in Ugandan children: a cross-sectional survey. BMJ Open, 7 (2). e013583. ISSN 2044-6055

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