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Addo, Atta A. and Avgerou, Chrisanthi (2021) Information technology and government corruption in developing countries: evidence from Ghana customs. MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems, 45 (4). 1833 - 1862. ISSN 0276-7783

Avgerou, Chrisanthi and Bonina, Carla (2020) Ideologies implicated in IT innovation in government: a critical discourse analysis of Mexico’s international trade administration. Information Systems Journal, 30 (1). 70 - 95. ISSN 1350-1917

Avgerou, Chrisanthi (2019) Contextual explanation: alternative approaches and persistent challenges. MIS Quarterly: Management Information Systems, 43 (3). 977 - 1006. ISSN 0276-7783

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Avgerou, Chrisanthi, Hayes, Niall and La Rovere, Renata Lèbre (2016) Growth in ICT uptake in developing countries: new users, new uses, new challenges. Journal of Information Technology, 31 (4). pp. 329-333. ISSN 0268-3962

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Avgerou, Chrisanthi (2010) Comments on Allen Lee's article 'Retrospect and prospect': information systems research in the last and next 25 years' from a socio-theoretical IS research perspective. Journal of Information Technology, 25 (4). pp. 355-357. ISSN 0268-3962

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Book Section

Avgerou, Chrisanthi and Addo, Atta A. (2018) Developmental effects of the digital revolution. In: Galliers, Robert D. and Stein, M.K, (eds.) Critical Perspectives on Business and Management: Management Information Systems. The Routledge companion series.. Routledge, London, UK.

Li, Boyi and Avgerou, Chrisanthi (2011) The social embeddedness of industrial networks in the age of the internet: a tale of two regions in China. In: GlobDev 2011. Proceedings Annual Workshop of the AIS Special Interest Group for ICT in Global Development. UNSPECIFIED, CHN.

Mansell, Robin ORCID: 0000-0003-3950-3468, Avgerou, Chrisanthi, Quah, Danny and Silverstone, Roger (2007) The challenges of ICTs. In: Mansell, Robin, Avgerou, Chrisanthi, Quah, Danny and Silverstone, Roger, (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Information and Communication Technologies. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, pp. 1-28. ISBN 0199266239

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Conference or Workshop Item

Avgerou, Chrisanthi, Li, Boyi and Poulymenakou, Angeliki (2011) Exploring the socio-economic structures of internet-enabled development: a study of grassroots netepreneurs in China. In: IFIP WG9.4 International Conference: Partners for Development - ICT Actors and Actions, 2011-05-22 - 2011-11-25, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Tanasyuk, Pavlo and Avgerou, Chrisanthi (2009) ICT and religious tradition: the case of Mount Athos. In: IFIP WG9.4 Conference, 2009-05-01, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Submitted)

Avgerou, Chrisanthi (1996) How does PhD research in information systems differ across countries. In: ECIS 1996: European Conference on Information Systems, 1996-07-02 - 1996-07-04, Lisbon, Portugal. (Submitted)

Avgerou, Chrisanthi (1996) Studying the socio-economic context of information systems. In: 2nd ACIS, 1996-08-01, Phoenix, United States. (Submitted)

Avgerou, Chrisanthi (1995) Panel on information systems and public administration reform. In: ECIS '95, 1995-06-01, Athens, Greece.

Avgerou, Chrisanthi (1995) Transferability of information technology and organisational practices. In: International Federation for Information Processing, Working Group 9.4, 1995-01-01, Cairo, Egypt. (Submitted)


Avgerou, Chrisanthi (2002) Information systems and global diversity. Oxford University Press, New York. ISBN 0199240779

Avgerou, Chrisanthi and Walsham, Geoff (2000) Information technology in context: Studies from the perspective of developing countries. University of North London voices in development management. Ashgate Dartmouth, London, UK. ISBN 9780754614807

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Avgerou, Chrisanthi and Cornford, T (1993) Developing information systems: concepts, issues and practice. Information systems series. (1st). Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK. ISBN 9780333732311

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