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Ahlfeldt, Gabriel M. (2010) Architecture, economics - architectural economics [Architektur, ökonomie - Architekturökonomie]. Perspektiven Der Wirtschaftspolitik, 11 (4). pp. 340-355. ISSN 1465-6493

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Baker, Karl (2012) Book review: the art and beauty of the everyday in contemporary Beijing: between philosophy and ethnography. LSE Review of Books (17 Jul 2012) Blog Entry.

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Ferrari, Lorenzo (2013) Book review: Ordnance: war + architecture & space. LSE Review of Books (25 Apr 2013) Blog Entry.

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Molloy, Andrew (2013) Book review: Fit: an architect’s manifesto. LSE Review of Books (12 Feb 2013) Blog Entry.

Molloy, Andrew (2013) Book review: The dissolution of place: architecture, identity and the body. LSE Review of Books (12 Jun 2013) Blog Entry.

Molloy, Andrew (2013) Book review: Urban maps: instruments of narrative and interpretation in the city. LSE Review of Books (06 Apr 2013) Blog Entry.

Molloy, Andrew (2012) Book review: architect knows best: environmental determinism in architecture culture from 1956 to the present. LSE Review of Books (01 Nov 2012) Blog Entry.

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