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Ainley, Kirsten, Datzberger, Simone, Friedman, Rebekka and Mahony, Chris (eds.) (2013) Ten years on: transitional justice in post conflict Sierra Leone: report and analysis of a conference held at Goodenough College, London. In: International Relations Public Conference: Ten Years On: Sierra Leone's Post-Conflict Transition, 2012-12-11, London, United Kingdom.

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Cadier, David (2013) NSA spying on Europe revelations – our experts react. LSE American Politics and Policy (07 Nov 2013). Website.

Cadier, David (2013) The new Czech President might bring about a change of rhetoric on Europe but a policy shift towards the EU appears unlikely. LSE European Politics and Policy (EUROPP) Blog (28 Jan 2013). Website.

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Cox, Michael (2013) Fighting for freedom: promoting democracy the American way. Harvard International Review (2013). Website.


Dalacoura, Katerina (2013) The Arab uprisings two years on: ideology, sectarianism and the changing balance of power in the Middle East. Insight Turkey, 15 (1). pp. 75-89. ISSN 1302-177X

Dalacoura, Katerina (2013) Iran's diplomacy shows a recognition of its decline. Financial Times. ISSN 0307-1766

Dalacoura, Katerina (2013) Response to Mohammed M. Hafez's review of Islamist terrorism and democracy in the Middle East. Peace Review, 25 (1). 151 - 153. ISSN 1040-2659

Datzberger, Simone (2013) Modern slavery: Why dehumanizing the ‘Other’ concerns all of us. International Affairs at LSE (19 Apr 2013). Website.

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Economides, Spyros (2013) The Eurozone crisis is severely limiting the EU’s foreign policy capacity. LSE European Politics and Policy (EUROPP) Blog (09 Mar 2013). Website.

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Verma, Raj (2013) Indo-Japanese relations: strengthening cooperation or forging an alliance? South Asia @ LSE (04 Jun 2013). Website.

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