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Baccaro, Lucio and Simoni, Marco (2007) Centralized wage bargaining and the “Celtic Tiger” phenomenon. Industrial Relations: a Journal of Economy and Society, 46 (5). pp. 426-455. ISSN 0019-8676

Balfour, Sebastian (2007) Continuidades y discontinuidades en los discursos nacionalistas conservadores desde la transición. In: Moreno Luzón, Javier, (ed.) Construir España: Nacionalismo Español y Procesos De Nacionalización,. Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales, Madrid, pp. 300-316. ISBN 9788425913952

Balfour, Sebastian (2007) El Partido Popular a la búsqueda de un nuevo papel político. In: Bernecker, Walter L. and Maihold, Günther, (eds.) España: Del Consenso a la Polarización. Iberoamericana / Vervuert, Madrid / Frankfurt am Main, pp. 379-391.

Balfour, Sebastian (2007) España, Marruecos y las grandes potencias, 1898-1914. In: Gómez-Ferrer, Guadalupe and Sánchez, Raquel, (eds.) Modernizar España: Proyectos De Reforma y Apertura Internacional (1898-1914). Biblioteca Nueva, Madrid, pp. 143-151.

Balfour, Sebastian and Quiroga, Alejandro (2007) ¿Es España una nación? Claves de Razon Práctica, 173. pp. 30-37. ISSN 1130-3689

Balfour, Sebastian and Quiroga, Alejandro (2007) España reinventada. Nación e identidad desde la transición. Ediciones Península, Barcelona, Spain. ISBN 9788483077788

Balfour, Sebastian and Quiroga, Alejandro (2007) The reinvention of Spain: nation and identity since democracy. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9780199206674

Barr, Nicholas ORCID: 0000-0002-5325-2055 (2007) Foreword: investing in human capital: a capital markets approach to student funding. In: Lleras, Miguel Palacios, (ed.) Investing in Human Capital: a Capital Markets Approach to Student Funding. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, xvii-xx. ISBN 9780521039529

Bartlett, Will ORCID: 0000-0002-6775-4339 (2007) The EU approach to regional cooperation: policy success or policy failure? Southeastern Europe, 31-32. pp. 1-22. ISSN 0094-4467

Bartlett, Will ORCID: 0000-0002-6775-4339 (2007) Economic restructuring, job creation and the changing demand for skills in the western Balkans. In: Fetsi, Anastasia, (ed.) Labour Markets in the Western Balkans: Challenges for the Future. European Training Foundation, Turin, Italy, pp. 19-50. ISBN 9789291575428

Bartlett, Will ORCID: 0000-0002-6775-4339 and Xhumari, M. (2007) Social security policy and pension reform in the western Balkans. European Journal of Social Security, 9 (4). pp. 297-322. ISSN 1388-2627

Begg, Iain (2007) The 2008/2009 review of the EU budget: real or cosmetic? CESifo Forum, 8 (1). pp. 45-50. ISSN 1615-245X

Begg, Iain (2007) Contested meanings of transparency in central banking. Comparative European Politics, 5 (1). pp. 36-52. ISSN 1472-4790

Begg, Iain (2007) Is stability necessary for growth? In: Magnusson, Lars and Stråth, Bo, (eds.) European Solidarities: Tensions and Contentions of a Concept. Travail & Société - Work & Society (57). Verlag Peter Lang, Brussels, Belgium, pp. 55-72. ISBN 9789052013633

Begg, Iain (2007) Lisbon II, two years on: an assessment of the Partnership for Growth and Jobs. CEPS special reports. The Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), Brussels, Belgium. ISBN 9789290797272

Begg, Iain (2007) Rethinking the EU’s finances: the 2008/9 budget review. In: Ludlow, Peter, (ed.) Setting EU Priorities 2007. The European Strategy Forum, Ponte de Lima, Portugal. ISBN 9789899535701

Brusis, Martin, Staronová, Katarina and Zubek, Radoslaw (2007) Introduction: the challenge of strategic policy making. In: Brusis, Martin, Staronová, Katarina and Zubek, Radoslaw, (eds.) Strategic Policy Making in Central and Eastern Europe. Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe, Bratislava, Slovakia, pp. 9-18. ISBN 9788089013340

Bryant, Rebecca (2007) Turkey, Cyprus and the European division. Middle East Report Online, 25 Feb.

Bryant, Rebecca (2007) Turkey, Cyprus and the European division. Insight Turkey, 9 (1). pp. 120-126. ISSN 1302-177X

Bryant, Rebecca and Özmenek, Seyhan (2007) Tebaadan vatandaşa: kıbrıs’ta modernite ve Milliyetçilik. İletişim Yayınları (Firm), Istanbul, Turkey. ISBN 9789750505423

Buiter, Willem H. (2007) Economic, political, and institutional prerequisites for monetary union among the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council. In: Preparing for GCC Currency Union: Institutional Framework, 2007-11-20 - 2007-11-21, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Buiter, Willem H. (2007) Is numérairology the future of monetary economics?: unbundling numéraire and medium of exchange through a virtual currency and a shadow exchange rate. CEPDP (776). London School of Economics and Political Science. Centre for Economic Performance, London, UK. ISBN 0753019930

Buiter, Willem H. (2007) Seigniorage. Economics: the Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal, 1 (2007-1). pp. 1-49. ISSN 1864-6042

Buiter, Willem H. (2007) Seigniorage. CEPDP (786). London School of Economics and Political Science. Centre for Economic Performance, London, UK. ISBN 9780853281610

Buiter, Willem H. and Sibert, Anne C. (2007) Deflationary bubbles. Macroeconomic Dynamics, 11 (4). pp. 431-454. ISSN 1365-1005


Chalmers, Damian and Haasbeek, Luke (2007) The legal dimension in European integration. In: El-Agraa, Ali, (ed.) The European Union: Economics and Policies. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, pp. 62-83. ISBN 9780521874434

Corbett, Anne (2007) How to understand EU HE processes: generalisations from a case study of EU higher education policy, 1955-87. In: European education policy network conference: defining the European education agenda, 2007-01-11, Cambridge, United Kingdom. (Submitted)

Costa-i-Font, Joan ORCID: 0000-0001-7174-7919 and Kanavos, Panos ORCID: 0000-0001-9518-3089 (2007) Medicines in parallel trade in the European Union: a gravity specification. LSE Health working papers (6/2007). London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.

Costa-i-Font, Joan ORCID: 0000-0001-7174-7919, Kanavos, Panos ORCID: 0000-0001-9518-3089 and Rovira-Forns, Joan (2007) Determinants of out-of-pocket pharmaceutical expenditure and access to drugs in Catalonia. Applied Economics, 39 (5). pp. 541-551. ISSN 0003-6846

Costa-i-Font, Joan ORCID: 0000-0001-7174-7919 and Mossialos, Elias (2007) Are perceptions of 'risks' and 'benefits' of genetically modified food (in)dependent? Food Quality and Preference, 18 (2). pp. 173-182. ISSN 0950-3293

Costa-i-Font, Joan ORCID: 0000-0001-7174-7919 and Pons-Novell, J (2007) Public health expenditure and spatial interactions in a decentralized national health system. Health Economics, 16 (3). pp. 291-306. ISSN 1057-9230

Costa-i-Font, Joan ORCID: 0000-0001-7174-7919 and Puig-Junoy, Jaume (2007) Institutional change, innovation and regulation failure: evidence from the Spanish drug market. Policy and Politics, 35 (4). pp. 701-718. ISSN 0305-5736


Dehousse, Renaud and Deloche-Gaudez, Florence (2007) Is there anyone in charge?: leadership in EU constitutional negotiations. In: Beach, Derek and Mazzucelli, Colette, (eds.) Leadership in the Big Bangs of European Integration. Palgrave studies in European Union politics. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK, pp. 219-226. ISBN 9781403998200

Deloche-Gaudez, Florence (2007) Le veto, les peuples et les mots ou les problèmes que le traité réformateur ne règle pas. . Notre Europe, Paris, France.

Dimitrov, Vesselin (2007) Stalin's Cold War : Soviet foreign policy, democracy and communism in Bulgaria, 1941-48. Global conflict and security since 1945. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke ; New York. ISBN 9780230521384

de Grauwe, Paul (2007) De onvoltooide globalisering: verkenning van een nieuwe wereld. Lannoo, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ISBN 9789078230045

de Grauwe, Paul (2007) Economics of monetary union. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9780199297801

de Grauwe, Paul (2007) Preconditions for a successful euro adoption. In: Basci, Erdem, Togan, Subidey and von Hagen, Jurgen, (eds.) Macroeconomic Policies for Eu Accession. Elgar, Cheltenham, UK, pp. 206-227. ISBN 9781847200006

de Grauwe, Paul (2007) Problems and prospects for enlargement of the Eurozone. In: SUERF Annual Lecture 2007, 2007-06-22, Vienna, Austria. (Submitted)

de Grauwe, Paul (2007) Quo vadis Europe?: fortress or land of opportunities. In: Julian Hodge Institute for Applied Economics Annual Lecture, 2007-04-25, Cardif, United Kingdom. (Submitted)

de Grauwe, Paul and Costa Storti, Claudia (2007) Monetäre Politik und reale Ökonomie. In: Schettkat, Ronald and Langkau, Jochem, (eds.) Aufschwung Für Deutschland: Plädoyer International Renommierter öKonomen Für Eine Bessere Wirtschaftspolitik. Dietz, Bonn, Germany. ISBN 9783801203764


Featherstone, Kevin (2007) Can Europe have purposive leadership? In: The European Political Ideal: Cultural Origins and Future Challenges, 2007-07-23, Delphi, Greece. (Submitted)

Featherstone, Kevin, Furlong, Paul and Quaglia, Lucia (2007) Greece and Italy: is there a Mediterranean 'world' of EMU? In: European States and the Euro: The First Decade, 2007-05-23 - 2007-05-24, London, United Kingdom. (Submitted)

Featherstone, Kevin and Papadimitriou, Dimitris (2007) Manipulating rules, contesting solutions: Europeanisation and the politics of restructuring Olympic Airways. Government and Opposition, 42 (1). pp. 46-72. ISSN 0017-257X

Fingleton, Bernard, Cheshire, Paul, Garretsen, Harry, Igliori, Danilo, Le Gallo, Julie, McCann, Philip, McCombie, John, Monastiriotis, Vassilis, Moore, Barry and Roberts, Mark (2007) Editorial. Spatial Economic Analysis, 2 (3). pp. 215-218. ISSN 1742-1772

Fingleton, Bernard, Cheshire, Paul, Garretsen, Harry, Igliori, Danilo, Le Gallo, Julie, McCann, Philip, McCombie, John, Monastiriotis, Vassilis, Moore, Barry and Roberts, Mark (2007) Editorial. Spatial Economic Analysis, 2 (2). pp. 111-115. ISSN 1742-1772

Fingleton, Bernard, Cheshire, Paul, Garretsen, Harry, Igliori, Danilo, Le Gallo, Julie, McCann, Philip, McCombie, John, Monastiriotis, Vassilis, Moore, Barry and Roberts, Mark (2007) Editorial. Spatial Economic Analysis, 2 (1). pp. 1-5. ISSN 1742-1772

Fokas, Effie (2007) Introduction. In: Al-Azmeh, Aziz and Fokas, Effie, (eds.) Islam in Europe Diversity, Identity and Influence. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. ISBN 9780521677516


Glendinning, Simon (2007) In the name of phenomenology. Routledge, London, UK. ISBN 9780203946701

Glendinning, Simon (2007) What is Phenomenology? Philosophy Compass, 3 (1). pp. 30-50. ISSN 1747-9991

Glendinning, Simon (2007) The genius of man. In: Baldwin, Thomas, (ed.) Reading Merleau-Ponty: on the Phenomenology of Perception. Routledge, London, pp. 88-104. ISBN 9780415399937

Gordon, Claire E (2007) Conflict settlement and the role of human and minority rights: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia. MIRICO EU framework VI report (Work package 3 synthetic report). EURAC, Bolzano, Italy.

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Komárek, Jan (2007) European constitutionalism and the European arrest warrant: in search of the limits of "contrapunctual principles". Common Market Law Review, 44 (1). pp. 9-40. ISSN 0165-0750

Komárek, Jan (2007) "In the court(s) we trust?" on the need for hierarchy and differentiation in the preliminary ruling procedure. European Law Review, 32 (4). pp. 467-491. ISSN 0307-5400

Komárek, Jan (2007) Infringements in application of community law: some problems and (im)possible solutions. Review of European Administrative Law. pp. 87-98. ISSN 1874-7981


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Mabbett, Deborah and Schelkle, Waltraud ORCID: 0000-0003-4127-107X (2007) Bringing macroeconomics back into the political economy of reform: the Lisbon Agenda and the 'fiscal philosophy' of EMU. Journal of Common Market Studies, 45 (1). pp. 81-103. ISSN 0021-9886

Madeley, John (2007) The Church and the State in Europe: East versus West? . IPRI-UNL, Portugal.

Madeley, John (2007) Church establishment and the dilemmas of civil religion. In: Jefferson Foundation Conference on Church and State, 2006-04-01, Prague, Czech Republic. (Submitted)

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Pickard, Linda, Comas-Herrera, Adelina ORCID: 0000-0002-9860-9062, Costa-i-Font, Joan ORCID: 0000-0001-7174-7919, Gori, Cristiano, di Maio, Alessandra, Patxot, Concepció, Pozzi, Alessandro, Rothgang, Heinz and Wittenberg, Raphael ORCID: 0000-0003-3096-2721 (2007) Modelling an entitlement to long-term care services for older people in Europe: projection for long-term care expenditure to 2050. Journal of European Social Policy, 17 (1). pp. 33-48. ISSN 0958-9287

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