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Barros, Alonso (2005) Monopolios sobre la infraestructura del transporte en la región del salitre y de la sal: Patillos 1870-1903. Si Somos Americanos, 7 (2). ISSN 0718-2910

Bear, Laura (2005) School stories and the interior frontiers of citizenship: tracing the domestic life of Anglo-Indian education. In: Bénéë, Véronique, (ed.) Manufacturing Citizenship: Education and Nationalism in Europe, South Asia and China. Routledge research in education (8). Routledge, London, UK, pp. 236-266. ISBN 0415364884

Bloch, Maurice (2005) Essays on cultural transmission. LSE monographs on social anthropology. , 75 Berg. ISBN 9781845202866

Bloch, Maurice (2005) Kinship and evolved psychological dispositions: the mother's-brother controversy reconsidered. In: Bloch, Maurice, (ed.) Essays on Cultural Transmission. LSE monographs on social anthropology. Berg, Oxford, UK, pp. 139-168. ISBN 9781845202866

Bloch, Maurice (2005) Where did anthropology go?: or the need for 'human nature'. In: Bloch, Maurice, (ed.) Essays on Cultural Transmission. LSE monographs on social anthropology. Berg Publishers, Oxford, UK, pp. 1-20. ISBN 9781845202866

Bénéï, Véronique (2005) Book review: the forging of nationhood, edited by Gyanendra Pandey and Peter Geschiere. Annales: Histoire, Sciences Sociales, 60 (2). pp. 379-380. ISSN 0395-2649

Bénéï, Véronique (2005) Introduction. In: Assayag, Jackie and Bénéï, Véronique, (eds.) Remapping Knowledge: the Making of South Asian Studies in India, Europe and America (19th-20th Centuries). Three Essays Collective, New Delhi, ix-xvii. ISBN 8188789259

Bénéï, Véronique (2005) Introduction: manufacturing citizenship: confronting public spheres and education in contemporary worlds. In: Bénéï, Véronique, (ed.) Manufacturing Citizenship: Education and Nationalism in Europe, South Asia and China. Routledge, London, pp. 1-34. ISBN 0415364884

Bénéï, Véronique (2005) L’Inde à l’étranger: imaginaire, diasporas et nationalités. L'homme, 173. pp. 177-186. ISSN 0439-4216

Bénéï, Véronique (2005) Nations, diaspora and area studies: South Asia, from Great Britain to the United States. In: Assayag, Jackie and Bénéï, Véronique, (eds.) Remapping Knowledge: the Making of South Asian Studies in India, Europe and America (19th-20th Centuries). Three Essays Collective, New Delhi, pp. 53-96. ISBN 8188789259

Bénéï, Véronique (2005) Of languages, passions and interests: education, regionalism and globalization in Maharashtra, 1800-2000. In: Assayag, Jackie and Fuller, Christopher, (eds.) Globalizing India: Perspectives From Below. Anthem, London, pp. 141-162. ISBN 1843311941

Bénéï, Véronique (2005) Serving the nation: gender and family values in military schools. In: Chopra, Radhika, Jeffery, Patricia and Reifeld, Helmut, (eds.) Educational Regimes in Contemporary India. Sage, New Delhi, pp. 141-159. ISBN 9780761933489


Campbell, Catherine, Foulis, Carol Ann, Maimane, Sbongile and Sibiya, Zweni (2005) I have an evil child at my house : stigma and HIV/AIDS management in a South African community. American Journal of Public Health, 95 (5). pp. 808-815. ISSN 0090-0036

Cannell, Fenella (2005) The Christianity of anthropology. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 11 (2). pp. 335-356. ISSN 1359-0987

Cannell, Fenella (2005) Immaterial culture: "idolatry" in the lowland Philippines. In: Willford, Andrew C. and George, Kenneth M., (eds.) Spirited Politics: Religion and Public Life in Contemporary Southeast Asia. Studies on Southeast Asia (38). Southeast Asia Program Publications, Cornell University, New York, US, pp. 159-184. ISBN 9780877277378


Donner, Henrike (2005) Children are capital, grandchildren are interest : changing educational strategies and parenting in Calcutta's middle-class families. In: Assayag, Jackie and Fuller, Chris, (eds.) Globalizing India : Perspectives From Below. Anthem Press, London, pp. 119-139. ISBN 9781843311942

Donner, Henrike (2005) Kolkata explorer: teaching social and spatial relations in urban anthropology through a digital tool. . London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.


Engelke, Matthew (2005) Sticky subjects, sticky objects: The substance of African Christian healing. In: Miller, Daniel, (ed.) Materiality. Duke University Press, Durham, pp. 118-139. ISBN 9780822335429

Engelke, Matthew (2005) The early days of Johane Masowe: Self-doubt, uncertainty, and religious transformation. Comparative Studies in Society and History, 47 (4). pp. 781-808. ISSN 0010-4175


Feuchtwang, Stephan (2005) Mythical moments in national and other family histories. History Workshop Journal, 59 (1). pp. 179-193. ISSN 1363-3554

Fuller, C.J. and Assayag, Jackie (2005) Introduction: Globalizing India: perspectives from below. In: Fuller, Christopher and Assayag, Jackie, (eds.) Globalizing India: Perspectives From Below. Anthem South Asian studies. Anthem Press, London, UK, pp. 1-16.

Fuller, Chris and Harriss, John (2005) Globalizing Hinduism: a 'traditional' guru and modern businessmen in Chennai. In: Fuller, Chris and Assayag, Jackie, (eds.) Globalizing India: Perspectives From Below. Anthem South Asian studies. Anthem Press, London, UK, pp. 211-236. ISBN 184331195X


Gardner, Katy and Lewis, David (2005) Beyond development? In: Edelman, Marc and Haugerud, Angelique, (eds.) The Anthropology of Development and Globalization: From Classical Political Economy to Contemporary Neoliberalism. Blackwell Publishing Ltd, Oxford, pp. 352-360. ISBN 9780631228806

Graeber, David (2005) Fetishism and social creativity, or fetishes are gods in process of construction. Anthropological Theory, 5 (4). pp. 407-438. ISSN 1463-4996

Graeber, David (2005) La démocratie des interstices: que reste-t-il de l’idéal démocratique ? Revue du Mauss Semestrielle, 2 (26). pp. 41-89. ISSN 1247-4819

Graeber, David (2005) Value: anthropological theories of value. In: Carrier, James G., (ed.) Handbook of Economic Anthropology. Edward Elgar, Aldershot, UK. ISBN 9781845429522

Graeber, David (2005) The auto-ethnography that can never be and the activist ethnography that might be. In: Meneley, Anne and Young, Donna J., (eds.) Auto-Ethnographies: the Anthropology of Academic Practices. University of Toronto Press, Toronto, Canada. ISBN 9781551116846

Graeber, David and Gonçalves, Luiz Roberto Mendes (2005) O carnaval está em marcha. Folha de Sao Paulo (14 Aug 2005). Website.

Graeber, David and Jansbøl, Kåre (2005) Værdi og penge: interview med David Graeber af Kåre Jansbøl. Tidsskriftet Anthropologi, 49. pp. 7-18. ISSN 0906-3021


James, Deborah (2005) Pedi women and Kiba performance. In: Lucia, Christine, (ed.) The World of South African Music: a Reader. Cambridge Scholars Publishers, Newcastle upon Tyne, pp. 272-278. ISBN 1904303366

James, Deborah, Ngonini, Alex Xola and Nkadimeng, Geoffrey Mphahle (2005) (Re)constituting class?: owners, tenants and the politics of land reform in Mpumalanga. Journal of South African Studies, 31 (4). pp. 825-844. ISSN 0305-7070


Kuper, Adam (2005) Alternative histories of British social anthropology. Social Anthropology, 13 (1). pp. 47-64. ISSN 0964-0282

Kuper, Adam (2005) “Today we have naming of parts:” the work of anthropologists in southern Africa. In: de L'Estoile, Benoît, Neiburg, Federico and Sigaud, Lygia, (eds.) Empires, Nations, and Natives: Anthropology and State-Making. Duke University Press, Durham, NC, USA, pp. 277-300. ISBN 9780822336174

Kuper, Adam (2005) The reinvention of primitive society: transformations of a myth. Routledge, London, UK. ISBN 9780415357616

Kuper, Adam, Appiah, Anthony and Phillips, Anne (2005) Identity politics. In: British Academy Panel Discussion, 2005-04-12.

Kuper, Adam, Halliday, Fred and Klausen, Jytte (2005) A question of culture? Europe and Islam. British Academy Panel Discussion, in partnership with Queen's University, Belfast, 7th March 2005. (Submitted)


Lambek, Michael (2005) Body and mind in mind, body and mind in body: some anthropological interventions in a long conversation. In: Moore, Henrietta and Sanders, Todd, (eds.) Anthropology in Theory: Issues in Epistemology. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, pp. 424-436. ISBN 9780631229155

Lambek, Michael (2005) Our subjects/ourselves: a view from the back seat. In: Meneley, Anne and Young, Donna, (eds.) Autoethnographies: the Anthropology of Academic Practices. Broadview Press Ltd, Peterborough, ON., Canada, pp. 229-240. ISBN 9781551116846

Lambek, Michael (2005) Revolted but not evolting: reflections on the Sakalava division of labour and forms of subjectification. In: Alpers, Edward, Campbell, Gwyn and Salman, Michael, (eds.) Slavery and Resistance in Africa and Asia. Routledge, New York, 127- 138. ISBN 0415360102


Parry, Jonathan (2005) Changing childhoods in industrial Chhattisgarh. In: Chopra, Radhika and Jeffery, Patricia, (eds.) Educational Regimes in Contemporary India. Sage Publications, New Delhi, India, pp. 276-298. ISBN 0761933484

Parry, Jonathan (2005) The marital history of a 'thumb impression man'. In: Arnold, David and Blackburn, Stuart, (eds.) Telling Lives in India Biography, Autobiography, and Life History. Indiana University Press, Bloomington, IN, pp. 281-318. ISBN 025321727X

Pelkmans, Mathijs (2005) Baptized Georgian: religious conversion to Christianity in autonomous Ajaria. Working paper (71). Max Planck Gesellschaft, Halle / Saale, Germany.

Pelkmans, Mathijs (2005) Missionary encounters in Kyrgyzstan: challenging the national ideal. Central Eurasian Studies Review, 4 (1). pp. 13-16. ISSN 1538-5043

Pelkmans, Mathijs (2005) On transition and revolution in Kyrgyzstan. Focaal: Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology, 2005 (46). pp. 147-157. ISSN 0920-1297


Santos, Gonçalo D. (2005) A Escola de Antropologia de Coimbra 1885 - 1950. Imprensa de Ciências Sociais, Instituto De Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal. ISBN 9726711630

Scott, Michael W (2005) Hybridity, vacuity, and blockage: visions of chaos from anthropological theory, island Melanesia, and central Africa. Comparative Studies in Society and History, 47 (1). pp. 190-216. ISSN 0010-4175

Scott, Michael W. (2005) 'I was like Abraham' : notes on the anthropology of Christianity from the Solomon Islands. Ethnos, 70 (1). pp. 101-125. ISSN 0014-1844

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