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Barr, Nicholas ORCID: 0000-0002-5325-2055 (1985) Economic welfare and social justice. Journal of Social Policy, 14 (2). pp. 175-187. ISSN 0047-2794

Bovaird, A, Harloe, M H and Whitehead, Christine M E (1985) Private rented housing: its current role. Journal of Social Policy, 14 (1). ISSN 0047-2794

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Calhoun, Craig (1985) Book review: riots and community politics in England and Wales, 1790-1810 by John Bohstedt. Journal of Modern History, 57 (3). pp. 546-548. ISSN 0022-2801

Calhoun, Craig (1985) Book review: the birth of a consumer society: the commercialization of eighteenth-century England. by Neil McKendrick; John Brewer; J. H. Plumb. Social Forces, 63 (4). p. 1096. ISSN 0037-7732

Calhoun, Craig (1985) Book review: the new media: communication, research, and technology. by Ronald E. Rice and Associates. Contemporary Sociology, 14 (6). pp. 731-732. ISSN 0094-3061

Calhoun, Craig (1985) Industrialización y radicalismo: sociallos movimientos obreros de Francia e Inglaterra y las crisis de mediados del siglo XIX. Zona Abierta, 36-37. pp. 151-178. ISSN 0210-2692

Cowell, Frank (1985) Measures of distributional change : an axiomatic approach. Review of Economic Studies, 52 (1). pp. 135-151. ISSN 0034-6527

Cowell, Frank (1985) Multilevel decomposition of Theil's index of inequality. Review of Income and Wealth, 31 (2). pp. 201-205. ISSN 0034-6586

Cowell, Frank (1985) Tax evasion with labour income. Journal of Public Economics, 26 (1). pp. 19-34. ISSN 0047-2727

Cowell, Frank (1985) "A fair suck of the sauce bottle" or what do you mean by inequality? Economic Record, 61 (2). pp. 567-579. ISSN 0013-0249

Estrin, Saul ORCID: 0000-0002-3447-8593 (1985) Decentralised economic planning: some issues. Economics of Planning, 19 (3). pp. 150-157. ISSN 1573-9414

Estrin, Saul ORCID: 0000-0002-3447-8593 (1985) The role of producer co-operatives in employment creation. Economic Analysis and Workers Management, 19 (4). pp. 345-384. ISSN 0351-286X

Estrin, Saul ORCID: 0000-0002-3447-8593, Defourney, J and Jones, David K.C (1985) The effects of workers' participation on enterprise performance: empirical evidence from French cooperatives. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 3 (2). pp. 197-217. ISSN 0167-7187

Estrin, Saul ORCID: 0000-0002-3447-8593 and Holmes, P (1985) Uncertainty, efficiency and economic planning in Keynesian economics. Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics, 7. pp. 463-474. ISSN 0160-3477

Estrin, Saul ORCID: 0000-0002-3447-8593 and Svejnar, J (1985) Explanations of earnings in Yugoslavia: the capital and labour schools compared. Economic Analysis and Workers Management, 19 (1). pp. 1-12. ISSN 0351-286X

Jackman, Richard, Fender, J (Comm.) and Gylfason, T (Comm.) (1985) Counterinflationary policy in a unionised economy with nonsynchronised wage setting. Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 87 (2). pp. 357-378. ISSN 0347-0520

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Robinson, Peter (1985) Approximate optimal allocation in repeated sampling from a finite population. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 11 (2). pp. 135-148. ISSN 0378-3758

Robinson, Peter (1985) Testing for serial correlation in regression with missing observations. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series B: Statistical Methodology, 47 (3). pp. 429-437. ISSN 1369-7412

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Venables, Tony (1985) Trade and trade policy with imperfect competition : the case of identical products and free entry. Journal of International Economics, 19 (1-2.). pp. 1-19. ISSN 0022-1996

Venables, Tony (1985) The economic implications of a discrete technical change. Oxford Economic Papers, 37 (2). pp. 230-248. ISSN 0030-7653

Whitehead, Christine M E, Bovaird, A and Harloe, M H (1985) The private rental sector : prospects and policy. Journal of Social Policy, 15 (3). ISSN 0047-2794

Whitehead, Christine M E and Kleinman, Mark (1985) The private rented sector : a characteristics approach. Urban Studies, 22 (6). pp. 507-520. ISSN 0042-0980

Book Section

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Prest, A R and Barr, Nicholas ORCID: 0000-0002-5325-2055 (1985) Public finance in theory and practice. Weidenfeld and Nicolson (Firm), London. ISBN 0-297787527

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