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Kissane, Bill (2019) On the shock of civil war: cultural trauma and national identity in Finland and Ireland. Nations and Nationalism. ISSN 1354-5078

Kissane, Bill (2017) Book review: time, place and milieu: an 'in-between' approach to political violence. Journal of Political Power. ISSN 2158-379X

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Kissane, Bill (2012) Irish Civil War, 1922-1923. Oxford Bibliographies Online: Military History.

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Kissane, Bill (2003) The chimera of state neutrality in a secularising Ireland. West European Politics, 26 (1). pp. 73-94. ISSN 0140-2382

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Kissane, Bill (2001) Decommissioning as an issue in the Irish Civil War. Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, 1 (1). pp. 8-16. ISSN 1473-8481

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Book Section

Kissane, Bill and Sitter, Nick (2019) National identity and constitutions in modern Europe: into the fifth zone. In: Landau, David and Lerner, Hanna, (eds.) Comparative Constitution Making. Research Handbooks in Comparative Constitutional Law series. Edward Elgar, London, UK. ISBN 9781785365256

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Kissane, Bill (2012) A light that failed: the 1922 constitution in the European context. In: Heffernan, Brian, (ed.) Life on the Fringe?: Ireland and Europe 1800-1922. Irish Academic Press, Ireland, pp. 221-241. ISBN 9780716531302

Kissane, Bill (2012) Is the Irish referendum a majoritarian device? In: Marxer, Wilfred, Kaufmann, B, Pallinger, Z. T and Schiller, T, (eds.) Direct Democracy and Minorities. Direct democracy in modern Europe (3). VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, Wiesbaden, Germany, pp. 145-154. ISBN 9783531185811

Kissane, Bill (2009) From people's veto to instrument of elite consensus: the referendum experience in Ireland. In: Setälä, Maija and Schiller, Theo, (eds.) Referendums and Representative Democracy: Responsiveness, Accountability and Deliberation. Routledge/ECPR studies in European political science. Routledge, Oxford, UK, pp. 17-33. ISBN 9780415481038

Kissane, Bill (2007) The not-so-amazing case of Irish democracy. In: McGrath, Conor and O'Malley, Eoin, (eds.) Irish Political Studies Reader: Key Contributions. Routledge, Oxford, UK, pp. 15-40. ISBN 9780415446471


Kissane, Bill (2017) What is at stake in the Turkish constitutional referendum? . The Foundation for Law, Justice and Society, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies and Wolfson College, University of Oxford, UK.

Kissane, Bill, Elagati, Mohamed and Fahmi, Georges (2012) Constitutions and Processes of Democratic Transition. . Rwafead, Cairo, Egypt.

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Kissane, Bill (2016) Nations torn asunder: the challenge of civil war. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780199602872

Kissane, Bill (2011) New beginnings: constitutionalism and democracy in modern Ireland. University College Dublin Press, Dublin, Ireland. ISBN 9781906359515

Kissane, Bill (2005) The politics of the Irish Civil War. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9780199273553

Kissane, Bill (2002) Explaining Irish democracy. UCD Press, Dublin, IRL. ISBN 1900621703 pb

Online resource

Kissane, Bill (2015) The tragedy of Syria and the nature of civil war. LSE Department of Government Blog (04 Nov 2015). Website.

Kissane, Bill (2015) Division, Reconstruction, Reconciliation: what happens to identity after civil war? LSE Department of Government Blog (05 Jun 2015). Website.

Kissane, Bill (2015) Does engaging the public in the constitutional process depend on the existence of a ‘constitutional identity’? LSE Constitution UK Blog (20 Apr 2015). Website.

Kissane, Bill (2014) Few have ever doubted the quality of Robert Dahl’s work. LSE American Politics and Policy (01 Mar 2014). Website.

Kissane, Bill (2014) Why is there no Nelson Mandela figure in Northern Ireland? British Politics and Policy at LSE (13 Jan 2014). Website.

Kissane, Bill (2012) Book review: contesting democracy: political ideas in twentieth century Europe by Jan-Werner Müller. British Politics and Policy at LSE (04 Mar 2012). Website.

Kissane, Bill (2011) Book review: the destructors: the story of Northern Ireland’s lost Peace Process. British Politics and Policy at LSE (27 Nov 2011). Website.

Kissane, Bill (2011) The violence on London’s streets is less political and less structured than has been the case in Northern Ireland. It is the result of decades of social and economic deprivation and inequality. British Politics and Policy at LSE (09 Aug 2011). Website.

Kissane, Bill (2011) The debate in the UK about codifying our constitution is now less fractious: but looking overseas can help us to understand why this discussion should continue. British Politics and Policy at LSE (21 Jul 2011). Website.

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