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Feuchtwang, Stephan (2023) François Jullien’s landscape, site selection, and pattern recognition. Theory, Culture and Society, 40 (4-5). 115 - 129. ISSN 0263-2764

Feuchtwang, Stephan (2023) Care as critique of care: public services, social security, and ritual responsiveness. China Quarterly, 254. 354 - 365. ISSN 0305-7410

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Feuchtwang, Stephan (2011) Book review: Remember: on the social life of postsocialism: memory, consumption, Germany By Daphne Berdahl and the history of history: a novel of Berlin by Ida Hattemer-Higgins. Anthropology of This Century, 2. ISSN 2047-6345

Feuchtwang, Stephan (2011) Exhibition and awe: regimes of visibility in the presentation of an emperor. Journal of Material Culture, 16 (1). pp. 64-79. ISSN 1359-1835

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Feuchtwang, Stephan (2005) Mythical moments in national and other family histories. History Workshop Journal, 59 (1). pp. 179-193. ISSN 1363-3554

Feuchtwang, Stephan (2003) Peasants, democracy and anthropology: questions of local loyalty. Critique of Anthropology, 23 (1). pp. 93-120. ISSN 0308-275X

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Book Section

Feuchtwang, Stephan (2011) Afterword: Re-writing culture in Taiwan. In: Shih, Fang-Long, Thompson, Stuart and Tremlett, Paul-François, (eds.) Re-Writing Culture in Taiwan. Asia's Transformations. Routledge, London, UK. ISBN 9780415602938

Feuchtwang, Stephan (2010) Recalling the Great Leap Famine and recourse to irony. In: Zhang, Everett, Kleinman, Arthur and Tu, Weiming, (eds.) Governance of Life in Chinese Moral Experience: the Quest for an Adequate Life. Routledge, London, UK. ISBN 9780415597197

Feuchtwang, Stephan (2010) Re-evaluating the long term: civilisation and temporalities. In: Garrow, Duncan and Yarrow, Thomas, (eds.) Archaeology and Anthropology: Understanding Similarity, Exploring Difference. Oxbow Books, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9781842173879

Feuchtwang, Stephan (2009) The transmission of traumatic loss: a case study from Taiwan. In: Argenti, Nicolas and Schramm, Katharina, (eds.) Remembering Violence: Anthropological Perspectives on Intergenerational Transmission. Berghahn Books, London, UK. ISBN 9781845456245

Feuchtwang, Stephan (2009) Afterword: Traitors: suspicion, intimacy, and the ethics of state-building. In: Thiranagama, Sharika and Kelly, Tobias, (eds.) Traitors: Suspicion, Intimacy, and the Ethics of State-Building. University of Pennsylvania. Press, Pennsylvania, US, pp. 227-240. ISBN 9780812242133

Feuchtwang, Stephan (2008) Disruption, commemoration and family repair. In: Brandtstädter, Susanne and Santos, Gonçalo D., (eds.) Chinese Kinship: Contemporary Anthropological Perspectives. Routledge Contemporary China Series. Routledge, London, pp. 223-245. ISBN 9780415456975

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Feuchtwang, Stephan (2008) History and the transmission of shared loss: the great leap famine in china and the Luku incident in Taiwan. In: Sautedé, Eric, (ed.) History and Memory: Present Reflections on the Past to Build Our Future. Macau Ricci Institute Studies (5). Macau Ricci Institute, Macao, China, pp. 163-189. ISBN 9789993794707

Feuchtwang, Stephan (2007) Belonging to what? Jewish mixed kinship and historical disruption in Twentieth-Century Europe. In: Carsten, Janet, (ed.) Ghosts of Memory: Essays on Remembrance and Relatedness. Blackwell Publishing Ltd.. ISBN 9781405154239

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Feuchtwang, Stephan (1999) The threat to care: working at the margins of fear and uncertainty. In: Responding to Drug Use Amongst Black and Other Visible Minority Communities. Cahiers T3E (5). T3E, Beauvais, France.


Feuchtwang, Stephan and Steinmüller, Hans ORCID: 0000-0002-5921-421X (2017) China in comparative perspective. World Scientific (Firm), London, UK. ISBN 9781786342386

Feuchtwang, Stephan (2011) After the event: the transmission of grievous loss in Germany, China and Taiwan. Berghahn Books, London, UK. ISBN 9780857450869

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Feuchtwang, Stephan (2001) Popular religion in China: the imperial metaphor. Routledge Curzon, London. ISBN 9780700714216

Feuchtwang, Stephan (1991) Popular religion in China: the imperial metaphor. Routledge, London, UK. ISBN 9780700713851

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