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Arnaiz, Olivier and Mathy, Nathalie and Baudry, Celine and Malinsky, Sophie and Wilkes, Cyril Denby and Garnier, Olivier and Labadie, Karine and Lauderdale, Benjamin E. and Le Mouël, Anne and Marmignon, Antoine and Nowacki, Mariusz and Poulain, Julie and Prajer, Malgorzata and Wincker, Patrick and Meyer, Eric and Duharcourt, Sandra and Duret, Laurent and Bétermier, Mireille and Sperling, Linda (2012) The paramecium germline genome provides a niche for intragenic parasitic DNA: evolutionary dynamics of internal eliminated sequences. PLoS Genetics. ISSN 1553-7390


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Vaganay, Arnaud (2012) Book review: Learning to compete in European universities: from social institution to knowledge business. LSE European Politics and Policy (EUROPP) Blog (13 May 2012). Blog Entry.

Vaganay, Arnaud (2012) Book review: creating the market university: how academic science became an economic engine by Elizabeth Popp Berman. British Politics and Policy at LSE (25 Mar 2012). Blog Entry.

Vaganay, Arnaud (2012) Book review: migration has helped great cities such as Venice and London to flourish, yet the topic remains an issue for nervous governments. LSE Review of Books (08 Aug 2012). Blog Entry.


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