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Woodruff, David M. (2013) Law's authorizations and rule of law ideals: lessons from Russia. Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law , 41 (1). ISSN 0046-578X

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Book Section

Woodruff, David M. (2013) Monetary surrogates and money’s dual nature. In: Pixley, Jocelyn and Harcourt, G. C., (eds.) Financial Crises and the Nature of Capitalist Money: Mutual Developments From the Work of Geoffrey Ingham. Economics & finance collection 2013. Palgrave Macmillan, London, UK, pp. 101-123. ISBN 9781137302946

Woodruff, David M. (2013) After neoliberal constitutionalism: financial crisis and state resurgence in Russia and Argentina. In: Panizza, Francisco and Philip, George, (eds.) Moments of Truth: the Politics of Financial Crises in Comparative Perspective. Conceptualising comparative politics. Routledge, Abingdon, UK, pp. 47-59. ISBN 9780415834117

Woodruff, David M. (2008) The Politburo on gold, industrialization, and the international economy, 1925-1926. In: Gregory, Paul and Naimark, Norman, (eds.) The Lost Politburo Transcripts: From Collective Rule to Stalin's Dictatorship. Yale University Press , London, UK. ISBN 9780300134247

Woodruff, David M. (2002) Monnaie, troc et place de Gazprom dans l'économie Russe. In: Brana, Sophie, Mesnard, Mathilde and Zlotowski, Yves, (eds.) la Transition Monétaire Russe: Avatars De la Monnaie, Crises De la Finance (1990-2000). Collection "Pays de l'Est". L'Harmattan, Paris, pp. 83-101. ISBN 9782747525930

Woodruff, David M. (1999) Barter of the bankrupt: the politics of demonetization in Russia's federal state. In: Burawoy, Michael and Verdery, Katherine, (eds.) Uncertain Transition: Ethnographies of Change in the Postsocialist World. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Lanham, MD, pp. 83-124. ISBN 0847690431


Woodruff, David M. (2014) Governing by panic: the politics of the Eurozone crisis. LSE ‘Europe in Question’ discussion paper series, 81/2014. The London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.

Woodruff, David M. (2003) Khodorkovsky’s gamble: from business to politics in the YUKOS conflict. 308. PONARS, CSIS, Washington D.C., USA.

Woodruff, David M. (2002) The end of “primitive capitalist accumulation”? The new bankruptcy law and the political assertiveness of Russian big business. 274. PONARS, CSIS, Washington D.C., USA.

Woodruff, David M. (2001) Pension reform in Russia: from the politics of implementation to the politics of lawmaking? 234. PONARS, CSIS, Washington D.C., USA.

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Woodruff, David M. (1999) Money unmade: barter and the fate of Russian capitalism. Cornell University Press, Ithaca, USA. ISBN 0801486947

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