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Pratt, Andy C. (2009) Social and economic drivers of land use change in the British space economy. Land Use Policy, 26 (Suppl.). S109-S114. ISSN 0264-8377

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Book Section

Pratt, Andy C. (2011) An economic geography of the cultural industries. In: Leyshon, Andrew, McDowell, Linda, Lee, Roger and Sunley, Peter, (eds.) The Sage Handbook of Economic Geography. Sage, London, UK, pp. 323-337. ISBN 9781848601147

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Pratt, Andy C. (2008) The music industry and it's potential role in local economic development: the case of Senegal. In: Barrowclough, D and Kozul-Wright, Z, (eds.) Creative Industries and Developing Countries: Voice, Choice and Economic Growth. Routledge studies in contemporary political economy. Routledge, Abingdon, UK, pp. 130-145. ISBN 9780203086704

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Pratt, Andy C. (2000) Employment: the difficulties of classification, the logic of grouping industrial activities comprising the sector, and some summaries of the size and distribution of employment in the creative industries sector in Great Britain 1981-96'. In: Roodhouse, Simon, (ed.) The New Cultural Map: a Research Agenda for the 21st Century. Bretton Hall College, Leeds, UK, pp. 9-14.

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Pratt, Andy C., Jarvis, Helen and Wu, Peter C-C (2001) The secret life of cities: social reproduction and everyday life. Prentice Hall, Harlow. ISBN 9780130873187

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