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Mkandawire, Thandika (2015) Neopatrimonialism and the political economy of economic performance in Africa: critical reflections. World Politics, 67 (03). pp. 563-612. ISSN 0043-8871

Mkandawire, Thandika (2014) Can Africa turn from recovery to development. Current History, 113 (763). pp. 171-177. ISSN 0011-3530

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Mkandawire, Thandika (2011) Running while others walk: knowledge and the challenge of Africa's development. Africa Development, 36 (2). pp. 1-36. ISSN 0850-3907

Mkandawire, Thandika (2010) Aid, accountability and democracy in Africa. Social Research, 77 (4). pp. 1149-1182. ISSN 0037-783X

Mkandawire, Thandika (2010) How the new poverty agenda neglected social and employment policies in Africa. Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, 11 (1). pp. 37-55. ISSN 1945-2829

Mkandawire, Thandika (2010) On tax efforts and colonial heritage in Africa. Journal of Development Studies, 46 (10). pp. 1647-1669. ISSN 0022-0388

Mkandawire, Thandika (2009) From the national question to the social question. Transformation: Critical Perspectives on South Africa, 69 . pp. 130-160. ISSN 2587-7696

Mkandawire, Thandika (2008) Social sciences and the next development agenda. Forum for Development Studies, 35 (1). pp. 101-117. ISSN 0803-9410

Mkandawire, Thandika (2007) ‘Good governance’: the itinerary of an idea. Development in Practice, 17 (4-5). pp. 679-681. ISSN 0961-4524

Mkandawire, Thandika (2007) Transformative social policy and innovation in developing countries. The European Journal of Development Research, 19 (1). pp. 13-29. ISSN 0957-8811

Mkandawire, Thandika (2006) Global funds: lessons from a not-too-distant past? Africa Development, 31 (4). pp. 1-21. ISSN 0850-3907

Mkandawire, Thandika (2006) Social development policies: new challenges for the social sciences. International Social Science Journal, 58 (189). pp. 395-404. ISSN 0020-8701

Mkandawire, Thandika (2006) The intellectual itinerary of Jeffrey Sachs. Africa Review of Books, 21 (1). pp. 4-5. ISSN 0851-7592

Mkandawire, Thandika (2005) Maladjusted African economies and globalisation. Africa Development, 30 (1 & 2). pp. 1-33. ISSN 0850-3907

Mkandawire, Thandika (2005) Towards a development, democratic and socially inclusive Africa once again. Codesria Bulletin, 3&4 . ISSN 0850-0712

Mkandawire, Thandika (2002) The terrible toll of post-colonial ‘rebel movements’ in Africa: towards an explanation of the violence against the peasantry. The Journal of Modern African Studies, 40 (2). pp. 181-215. ISSN 0022-278X

Mkandawire, Thandika (2002) African intellectuals, political culture and development. Journal Für Entwicklungspolitik, XV (111:1). pp. 31-47. ISSN 0258-2384

Mkandawire, Thandika (2002) Globalisation equity and social development. African Sociological Review, 6 (1). pp. 115-137. ISSN 1027-4332

Mkandawire, Thandika (2001) African intellectuals and nationalism in the changing global context. Australasian Review of African Studies, xxiii (1). pp. 11-31. ISSN 1447-8420

Mkandawire, Thandika (2001) Thinking about developmental states in Africa. Cambridge Journal of Economics, 25 (3). pp. 289-314. ISSN 0309-166X

Book Section

Mkandawire, Thandika (2011) Institutional monocroping and monotasking in Africa. In: Stiglitz, Joseph, (ed.) Good Growth and Governance in Africa. Initiative for policy dialogue. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, pp. 80-113. ISBN 9780199698561

Mkandawire, Thandika (2011) Welfare regimes and economic development: bridging the conceptual gap. In: FitzGerald, Valpy and Thorp, Rosemary, (eds.) Overcoming the Persistence of Inequality and Poverty. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK. ISBN 9780230249707

Mkandawire, Thandika (2011) Rethinking Africa's re-industrialisation and regional co-operation: what is the best way forward? In: Mbeki, Moeletsi, (ed.) Advocates for Change: How to Overcome Africa's Challenges. Picador Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa. ISBN 9781770101203

Mkandawire, Thandika (2011) Rethinking pan-Africanism: national and the new regionalism. In: Moyo, Sam and Yeros, Paris, (eds.) Reclaiming the Nation: the Return of the National Question in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Pluto Press, London, UK, pp. 31-53. ISBN 9780745330822

Mkandawire, Thandika (2010) From maladjusted states to democratic developmental states in Africa. In: Edigheji, Omano, (ed.) Constructing a Democratic Developmental State in South Africa: Potentials and Challenges. HSRC Press, Cape Town, South Africa. ISBN 9780796923332

Mkandawire, Thandika (2009) Institutional monocropping and monotasking in Africa. In: Noman, Akbar, Botchwey, Kwesi, Stein, Howard and Stiglitz, Joseph E., (eds.) Good Growth and Governance in Africa: Rethinking Development Strategies. Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780199698578

Mkandawire, Thandika (2007) Targeting and universalism in poverty reduction. In: Antonio Ocampo, José and Jomo, K. S. , (eds.) Policy Matters: Economic and Social Policies to Sustain Equitable Development. Zed Books, Hyderabad, India. ISBN 9781842778364

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Mkandawire, Thandika (2003) Can African have developmental states? In: Bromley, Simon, Mackintosh, Maureen, Brown, William and Wuyts, Michael, (eds.) Making the International Economic Interdependence and Political Order. World of whose making?. Pluto Press in association with the Open University, London, UK. ISBN 9780745321356

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Mkandawire, Thandika (2002) Incentives, governance and capacity development: what role for technical assistance in Africa? In: Annan, Kofi, Lopes, Carlos, Malik, Halid and Fukuda-Parr, Sakiko, (eds.) Capacity for Development New Solutions to Old Problems. Earthscan Publications Ltd, London, UK, pp. 147-168. ISBN 9781853839191

Mkandawire, Thandika (2002) Financing of the new partnership for Africa's development (NEPAD). In: Anyang' Nyong'o, Peter, Ghirmazion, Aseghedech and Davinder , Lamba, (eds.) New Partnership for Africa's Development, Nepad : a New Path? Heinrich Böll Foundation, Regional Office, East and Horn of Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, pp. 105-118. ISBN 9966977201

Mkandawire, Thandika (2000) Non-organic intellectuals and "learning" in policy-making Africa. In: Carlsson, Jerker and Wohlgemuth, Lennart, (eds.) Learning in Development Co-Operation. Expert Group on Development Issues, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden, Sweden, pp. 205-212.

Mkandawire, Thandika and Olukoshi, Adebayo (1995) Issues and perspectives in the politics of structural adjustment in Africa. In: Mkandawire, Thandika and Olukoshi, Adebayo , (eds.) Between Liberalisation and Oppression: the Politics of Structural Adjustment in Africa. Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa, Dakar, Senegal, pp. 1-18. ISBN 2869780540


Mkandawire, Thandika (2009) Institutional monocropping and monotasking in Africa. United Nations Research institute for Social Development, Geneva, Switzerland.

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Mamdani, Mahmood, Mkandawire, Thandika and Wamba dia Wamba, Ernest (1988) Social movements, social transformation and the struggle for democracy in Africa. CODESRIA, Dakar, Senegal. (Unpublished)

Conference or Workshop Item

Mkandawire, Thandika (2010) Running while others walk: knowledge and the challenge of Africa’s development. In: LSE African Initiative inaugural lecture, 27 April 2010, Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building, The London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.

Mkandawire, Thandika (2000) Agrarian capitalism: from colonial rule to structural adjustment. In: Agrarian Studies Colloquium Series, Spring 2000, 24 March, 2000, Yale University. (Unpublished)


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De St Jorre, John, Cornia, Giovanni Andrea, van der Hoeven, Rolph and Mkandawire, Thandika, eds. (1993) Africa’s recovery in the 1990s: from stagnation and adjustment to human development. Palgrave Macmillan, London, UK. ISBN 9780312086312

Mkandawire, Thandika and Bourenane, N., eds. (1987) The state and agriculture in Africa. CODESRIA, Dakar, Senegal. ISBN 9781870784016

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