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Mitev, Nathalie N. and de Vaujany, François-Xavier (2012) Seizing the opportunity: towards a historiography of information systems. Journal of Information Technology, 27 (2). pp. 110-124. ISSN 0268-3962

Mitev, Nathalie N. (2011) Beyond health warnings: risk, regulation, failure and the paradoxes of risk management. Journal of Information Technology, 26 (4). pp. 271-273. ISSN 0268-3962

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Book Section

Mitev, Nathalie N. and Liebenau, Jonathan (2008) Social and organisational aspects of information systems [Subject editors]. In: Willcocks, Leslie P. and Lee, Allen S., (eds.) Major Currents in Information Systems. SAGE Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA. ISBN 9781412922623

Mitev, Nathalie N. (2008) Un tour d'horizon de la recherche anglophone sur les systèmes d'information dans les organisations. In: Volant, Christine, (ed.) L'information Dans Les Organisations: Dynamique et Complexité. Presse Universitaires François-Rabelais, pp. 15-29. ISBN 9782869062399

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Conference or Workshop Item

Loebbecke, Claudia, Huyskens, Claudio and Mitev, Nathalie N. (2008) Offshoring knowledge intensive IT tasks via the internet: criteria and organizational implications. In: 24th EGOS Colloquium, July 10-12 2008, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

McGrath, Kathy and Mitev, Nathalie N. (2008) The modernization of healthcare: learning lessons from a national mega-programme. In: European Conference on Information Systems 2008, June 9-11 2008, Cairnes Graduate School of Business & Public Policy, National University of Ireland. Galway, Ireland.

Mitev, Nathalie and Gillard, Hazel (2007) How the knowledge economy distorts equity: lone women parents and network engineer training. In: Gender, Work and Organisation 5th International Interdisciplinary Conference, Institute for Public Policy and Management, Keele University. (Unpublished)

Mitev, Nathalie N and Bartis, Eszter (2007) A multiple narrative approach to information systems failure: a successful system that failed. In: 15th European Conference on Information Systems, 'Relevant rigour, rigorous relevance', 7-9 June 2007, Institute of Information Management, St Gallen University, Switzerland.

Mitev, Nathalie N, Gillard, Hazel and Howcroft, Debra A (2007) Shaping the global economy: gender, ICTs and development research. In: IFIP 9.4 Conference, International Federation for Information Processing TC9: Relationship between computers and society WG9.4: Social implications of computers in developing countries, 9th International Conference, 'Taking Stock of E-Development', 28-30 May 2007, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Mitev, Nathalie N. and Gallard, Hilary (2006) Addressing gender imbalance and social exclusion through vocational ICT training: limitations of technoeconomic models of skills acquisition. In: Gender, Technology and the ICT Workplace: The Women in IT (WINIT) International and Interdisciplinary Conference, 21 Mar 2006, Information Systems Institute, Salford, Greater Manchester.

Mitev, Nathalie N. and Howcroft, Debra (2005) The role of history in IS research. In: Critical Management Studies Conference 2005, 4-6 July 2005, Cambridge, UK.

Mitev, Nathalie N. and Venters, Will (2004) Knowledge management practices for sustainable construction: political tensions in engineering ICT knowledge tools in the private and public sectors. In: Information, Knowledge and Management: Re-assessing the Role Of ICTS In Public And Private Organizations, 3-5 March 2004, Conference organised by Rome Superior School of Public Administration, ESRC, the University of Manchester, UMIST and the University of Pisa, L. Anselmi, A. Capocchi, D. O'Doherty, T. Vurdubakis and C. Westrup. Bologna, Italy. (Unpublished)

Venters, Will, Mitev, Nathalie N., Cushman, Mike and Cornford, Tony (2003) Practiced knowledge and knowledgeable practices: weaving stories from engineering to culture. In: Social Study of Information Technology (SSIT) Workshop, 24-25 April 2003, London School of Economics, London, UK. (Unpublished)

Mitev, Nathalie N., Howcroft, D. and Wilson, M. (2002) Applying social shaping of technology to information systems research. In: Responsibility under Uncertainty, EASST 2002, 31 July-3 August 2002, University of York, UK. (Unpublished)

Cushman, Mike, Venters, Will, Cornford, Tony and Mitev, Nathalie N. (2002) Understanding sustainability as knowledge practice. In: British Academy of Management Conference: Fast-tracking Performance through Partnerships, 9-11 September 2002, London, UK. (Unpublished)


Mitev, Nathalie (2012) Book review: no more generating knowledge for its own sake, research creativity is the new frontier. LSE Review of Books (19 Jul 2012) Blog Entry.

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