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Madon, Shirin (2017) Challenges of accountability in resource-poor contexts: lessons about invited spaces from Karnataka’s Village Health Committees. Oxford Development Studies . ISSN 1360-0818

Michael, Edwin and Madon, Shirin (2017) Socio-ecological dynamics and challenges to the governance of Neglected Tropical Disease control. Infectious Diseases of Poverty, 6 (35). ISSN 2049-9957

Madon, Shirin (2017) Book review: evaluating digital citizen engagement: a practical guide. Information Technologies and International Development, 13 . ISSN 1544-7529 (In Press)

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Book Section

Madon, Shirin (2006) Evaluating the development impact of e-governance initiatives: an exploratory framework. In: Saith, Ashwani, Vijayabaskar, M. and Gayathri, V., (eds.) Icts and Indian Social Change: Diffusion, Governance, Poverty. Sage, India, pp. 268-289. ISBN 9780761936121

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Madon, Shirin (2009) E-governance for development: a focus on rural India. Technology, work and globalization . Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, UK. ISBN 9780230201576

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Odedra , Mayuri and Madon, Shirin (1993) Information technology policies and applications in the Commonwealth developing countries. Commonwealth Secretariat, London, UK. ISBN 9780850924015


Madon, Shirin (2013) Can village committees improve primary healthcare accountability in India? South Asia @ LSE (26 Aug 2013) Blog.

Madon, Shirin (2012) Can technology boost development? E-Governance in India. South Asia @ LSE (12 Jun 2012) Blog.

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