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Ludlow, N. Piers (2014) Safeguarding British identity or betraying it? the role of British 'tradition' in the parliamentary great debate on EC membership, October 1971. Journal of Common Market Studies . ISSN 0021-9886 (In Press)

Ludlow, N. Piers (2013) The real years of Europe?: U.S.-West European relations during the Ford administration. Journal of Cold War Studies, 15 (3). pp. 136-161. ISSN 1531-3298

Ludlow, N. Piers (2013) European integration in the 1980s: on the way to Maastricht. Journal of European Integration History, 19 (1). pp. 11-22. ISSN 0947-9511

Ludlow, N. Piers (2010) Transatlantic relations in the Johnson and Nixon eras: the crisis that didn't happen - and what it suggests about the one that did. Journal of Transatlantic Studies, 8 (1). pp. 44-55. ISSN 1479-4012

Ludlow, Piers (2009) Book review: la mésentente apprivoisée: de Gaulle et les Allemands, 1963-1969. Cold War History, 9 (3). pp. 449-451. ISSN 1468-2745

Ludlow, Piers (2007) The emergence of a commercial heavy-weight: the Kennedy Round negotiations and the European Community of the 1960s. Diplomacy and Statecraft, 18 (2). pp. 351-368. ISSN 0959-2296

Ludlow, N. Piers (2005) The making of CAP: towards a historical analysis of the EU's first major common policy. Contemporary European History, 14 (3). pp. 347-371. ISSN 1469-2171

Ludlow, N. Piers (2005) The making of the CAP : towards a historical analysis of the EU’s first major common policy. Contemporary European History, 14 (3). pp. 347-371. ISSN 1469-2171

Ludlow, N. Piers (2005) A welcome change : the European Commission and the challenge of enlargement, 1958-1973. Journal of European Integration History, 11 (1). ISSN 0947-9511

Ludlow, N. Piers (2003) A waning force: the Treasury and British European Policy, 1955-1963. Contemporary British History, 17 (4). pp. 87-104. ISSN 1361-9462

Ludlow, N. Piers (2003) An opportunity or a threat? The European Commission and the Hague Council of December 1969. Journal of European Integration History, 9 (2). pp. 11-26. ISSN 0947-9511

Ludlow, N. Piers (2003) A warning force: the treasury and British European policy, 1955-1963. Contemporary British History, 17 (4). pp. 87-104. ISSN 1361-9462

Ludlow, N. Piers (2001) Too far away, too rich and too stable: the EEC and trade with Australia during the 1960s. Australian Economic History Review, 41 (3). pp. 267-286. ISSN 0004-8992

Ludlow, N. Piers (2001) No longer a closed shop: post-1945 research in the French archives. Cold War History, 2 (1). pp. 158-163. ISSN 1468-2745

Ludlow, N. Piers (1999) Challenging French leadership in in Europe: Germany, Italy and the Netherlands and the outbreak of the Empty Chair Crisis of 1965-6. Contemporary European History, 8 (2). pp. 231-248. ISSN 1469-2171

Book Section

Ludlow, N. Piers (2013) The unnoticed apogee of Atlanticism?: US-Western European relations during the early Reagan era. In: Patel, Kiran Klaus and Weisbrode, Kenneth, (eds.) European Integration and the Atlantic Community in the 1980s. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, pp. 17-38. ISBN 9781107031562

Ludlow, N. Piers (2012) Problematic partners: de Gaulle, Thatcher, and their impact. In: Jones, Erik, Menon, Anand and Weatherill, Stephen, (eds.) Oxford Handbook of the European Union. Oxford handbooks in politics & international relations. Oxford University Press , Oxford, UK, pp. 206-218. ISBN 9780199546282

Ludlow, N. Piers (2011) The end of symbiosis: the Nixon era and the collapse of comfortable co-existence between European and Atlantic integration. In: Scott-Smith, G. and Aubourg, V., (eds.) Atlantic, Euratlantic, or Europe-America?: the Atlantic Community and the European Idea From Kennedy to Nixon. Soleb. ISBN 9782918157007

Ludlow, N. Piers (2010) Governing Europe: charting the development of a supranational political system. In: Kaiser, Wolfram and Varsori, Antonio, (eds.) European Union History: Themes and Debates. Palgrave Macmillan Ltd., Basingstoke, UK, pp. 109-127. ISBN 9780230232693

Ludlow, N. Piers (2010) From words to actions: reinterpreting de Gaulle's European policy, 1958-69. In: Neunlist, C, Locher, A and Martin, G, (eds.) Globalizing De Gaulle: International Perspectives on De Gaulle's Foreign Policy. Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, USA. ISBN 9780739142486

Ludlow, N. Piers (2010) European integration: a Cold War phenomenon. In: Westad, Odd Arne and Leffler, Melvyn P., (eds.) The Cambridge History of the Cold War. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. ISBN 9780521837200

Ludlow, N. Piers (2009) History aplenty: but still too isolated. In: Egan, Michelle, Nugent, Neill and Paterson, William E., (eds.) Research Agendas in Eu Studies: Stalking the Elephant. Palgrave studies in European Union politics. Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire, UK. ISBN 9780230555242

Ludlow, N. Piers (2009) The green heart of Europe: the rise and fall of the CAP as the community’s central policy, 1958-1985. In: Patel, Kiran Klaus, (ed.) Fertile Ground for Europe?: the History of European Integration and the Common Agricultural Policy Since 1945. Nomos, Baden-Baden, Germany. ISBN 9783832944940

Ludlow, N. Piers (2009) Widening, deepening and opening out: towards a fourth decade of European integration history. In: Loth, Wilfried, (ed.) Experiencing Europe: 50 Years of European Construction 1957-2007. Publications of the European Union Liason Committee of Historians. Nomos, Baden-Baden, Germany. ISBN 9783832941246

Ludlow, N. Piers (2009) In Search of Balance: Italy, Britain and the 'dream' of another European axis. In: Craveri, Pierro and Varsori, Antonio, (eds.) L'italia Nella Costruzione Europea. Un Bilancio Storico (1957-2007). Storia internazionale dell'età contemporanea. FrancoAngeli, Milian, Italy. ISBN 9788856813555

Ludlow, N. Piers (2009) Value, flexibility and openness: the treaty of Rome’s success in historical perspective. In: Baquero Cruz, Julio and Closa Montero, Carlos, (eds.) European Integration From Rome to Berlin: 1957-2007: History, Law and Politics. Cité européenne - European Policy(39). Peter Lang Publishing Group, Oxford, UK, pp. 17-32. ISBN 9789052014647

Ludlow, N. Piers (2008) The European Commission and the rise of Coreper: a controlled experiment. In: Kaiser, Wolfram, Leucht, Brigitte and Rasmussen, Morten, (eds.) The History of the European Union: Origins of a Trans- and Supranational Polity 1950-72. Routledge/UACES contemporary European studies. Routledge, Oxford, UK, pp. 189-205. ISBN 9780415463935

Ludlow, N. Piers (2008) A naturally supportive environment?: the European institutions and German unification 1989-1990. In: Ludlow, N. Piers, Bozo, Frederic, Rey, Marie-Pierre and Nuti, Leopoldo, (eds.) Europe and the End of the Cold War: a Reappraisal. Cold War history. Routledge, Abingdon, UK. ISBN 9780415449038

Ludlow, N. Piers (2007) Making the new Europe: European integration since 1950. In: Martel, Gordon, (ed.) A Companion to International History 1900 - 2001. Blackwell companions to history. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, UK, pp. 327-339. ISBN 9781405125741

Ludlow, N. Piers (2006) De-commissioning the empty chair crisis: The community institutions and the crisis of 1965-6. In: Wallace, Helen, Winand, Pascaline and Palayret, Jean-Marie, (eds.) Visions, Votes and Vetoes :the Empty Chair Crisis and the Luxembourg Compromise Forty Years On. European policy - Collection "La cité européenne,34(34). Peter Lang, Brussels, Belgium, pp. 79-96. ISBN 9789052010311

Ludlow, N. Piers (2006) From deadlock to dynamism: the European community in the 1980s. In: Dinan, Desmond, (ed.) The Origins and Evolution of the Eu. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9780199267927

Ludlow, N. Piers (2006) A supranational Icarus: Hallstein, the early commission and the search for an independent role. In: Varsori, Antonio, (ed.) Inside the European Community : Actors and Policies in the European Integration 1957-1972. NOMOS, Baden-Baden, Germany. ISBN 383291191X

Ludlow, N. Piers (2005) Decision-making in the 1960s EC : three case studies. In: Loth, Wilfried, (ed.) la Gouvernance Supranationale Dans la Construction Européenne. Emile Bruylant, Brussels, pp. 115-136. ISBN 2802720244

Ludlow, N. Piers (2005) Plus que six ambassadeurs : l’émergence du Coreper durant les premières années de la CEE. In: Badel, L., Jeannesson, S. and Ludlow, N. Piers, (eds.) L’adaptation des Administrations Nationales a la Construction Européenne : Une Approche Historique (1920-1975). Peter Lang Publishing, London, UK.

Ludlow, N. Piers (2003) Paying the price of victory? Postwar Britain and ideas of national independence. In: Geppert, Dominik, (ed.) The Postwar Challenge: Cultural, Social and Political Change in Western Europe, 1945-1958. Studies of the German Historical Institute. Oxford University Press, London, UK, pp. 259-272. ISBN 0199266654

Ludlow, N. Piers (2002) Constancy and flirtation: Germany, Britain and the EEC, 1957-1972. In: Noakes, Jeremy, Wende, Peter and Wright, Jonathan, (eds.) Britain and Germany in Europe 1949-1990. Studies of the German Historical Institute London. Oxford University Press, Oxford, U.K., pp. 95-112. ISBN 9780199248414

Ludlow, N. Piers (2002) Une Influence Décroissante: Le Treasury et la construction européenne, 1956-63. In: Le Role des Ministères des Finances et De L'economie Dans la Construction Européenne (1957-1978): 2 Volumes, Actes du Colloque T. La Documentation Française, Paris, France. ISBN 9782110909480

Ludlow, N. Piers (2002) Us or them? The meanings of ‘Europe’ in British political discourse. In: Malmborg, Mikael af and Strath, Bo, (eds.) The Meaning of Europe: Variety and Contention Within and Among Nations. Berg Publishing, London, UK. ISBN 1859735819

Ludlow, N. Piers (2002) A short-term defeat: the Community institutions and the second British application to the EEC, 1966-7. In: Daddow, Oliver, (ed.) Harold Wilson and European Integration: Britain's Second Application to Join the Eec. Cass Publishing, London, UK, pp. 135-150. ISBN 0714682071

Ludlow, N. Piers (2001) Too close a friend? The Netherlands and the first British application to the EEC, 1961-1963. In: Ashton, Nigel J and Hellema, Duco, (eds.) Unspoken Allies: Anglo-Dutch Relations Since 1780. Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam, Netherlands, pp. 223-239. ISBN 9789053564714

Ludlow, N. Piers (1999) "Ne pleurez pas, Milord": Macmillan and France from Algiers to Rambouillet. In: Aldous, Richard and Lee, Sabine, (eds.) Harold Macmillan: Aspects of a Political Life. St. Martin's Press, New York, U.S., pp. 95-112. ISBN 9780312219062

Ludlow, N. Piers (1997) A problem of trust: British agriculture and the Brussels negotiations. In: Wilkes, G, (ed.) Britain's First Failure to Enter the European Community, 1961-63: Crises in European, Atlantic and Commonwealth Relations. Frank Cass & Co. Ltd, London, UK. ISBN 9780714646879

Ludlow, N. Piers (1996) Influence and vulnerability: the role of the European Commission in the 1961-63 enlargement negotiations. In: Griffiths, Richard and Ward, Stuart, (eds.) Courting the Common Market: the First Attempt to Enlarge the Eec. Lothian Foundation Press. ISBN 9781872210230

Conference or Workshop Item

Ludlow, N. Piers (2007) The end of symbiosis: the Nixon era and the end of comfortable co-existence between European and Atlantic integration. In: Atlantic, Euroatlantic or Europe-America? The Atlantic idea from Kennedy to Nixon, 20-21 September 2007, Roosevelt Studies Center, Middleburg, the Netherlands. (Unpublished)

Ludlow, N. Piers (2004) A few thoughts on the future of Europe's past. In: First conference of the History of European Integration Research Society, 6-7 November 2004, Cambridge, UK.

Ludlow, N. Piers (2002) Chronicle of an enlargement foretold: the six and the emergence of agreement over widening 1967-9. In: Third "Breakthrough Project" Meeting, 22-23 November 2002, Barcelona, Spain. (Unpublished)


Bozo, Frederic, Rey, Marie-Pierre, Ludlow, N. Piers and Nuti, Leopoldo, eds. (2008) Europe and the end of the Cold War: a reappraisal. Cold War history . Routledge, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9780415449038

Ludlow, N. Piers, ed. (2007) European integration and the Cold War: Ostpolitik-Westpolitik, 1965-1973. Cold War history . Routledge, Abingdon, UK. ISBN 9780415421096

Ludlow, N. Piers (2006) The European Community and the crises of the 1960s: negotiating the Gaulist challenge. Cold War history . Routledge, London, UK. ISBN 0415375940

Badel, Laurence, Jeannesson, Stanislas and Ludlow, N. Piers, eds. (2005) Les administrations nationales et la construction européenne - une approche historique (1919-1975). Euroclio . Peter Lang, Brussels, Belgium. ISBN 9789052012643

Ludlow, N. Piers (1997) Dealing with Britain: the Six and the first UK application to the EEC. Cambridge studies in international relations (56). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. ISBN 9780521592420

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