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Ludlow, N. Piers (2014) Safeguarding British identity or betraying it? The role of British 'tradition' in the parliamentary great debate on EC membership, October 1971. Journal of Common Market Studies, 53 (1). pp. 18-34. ISSN 0021-9886

Ludlow, N. Piers (2013) The real years of Europe?: U.S.-West European relations during the Ford administration. Journal of Cold War Studies, 15 (3). pp. 136-161. ISSN 1531-3298

Ludlow, N. Piers (2013) European integration in the 1980s: on the way to Maastricht. Journal of European Integration History, 19 (1). pp. 11-22. ISSN 0947-9511

Ludlow, N. Piers (2010) Transatlantic relations in the Johnson and Nixon eras: the crisis that didn't happen - and what it suggests about the one that did. Journal of Transatlantic Studies, 8 (1). pp. 44-55. ISSN 1479-4012

Ludlow, Piers (2009) Book review: la mésentente apprivoisée: de Gaulle et les Allemands, 1963-1969. Cold War History, 9 (3). pp. 449-451. ISSN 1468-2745

Ludlow, Piers (2007) The emergence of a commercial heavy-weight: the Kennedy Round negotiations and the European Community of the 1960s. Diplomacy and Statecraft, 18 (2). pp. 351-368. ISSN 0959-2296

Ludlow, N. Piers (2005) The making of CAP: towards a historical analysis of the EU's first major common policy. Contemporary European History, 14 (3). pp. 347-371. ISSN 1469-2171

Ludlow, N. Piers (2005) The making of the CAP : towards a historical analysis of the EU’s first major common policy. Contemporary European History, 14 (3). pp. 347-371. ISSN 1469-2171

Ludlow, N. Piers (2005) A welcome change : the European Commission and the challenge of enlargement, 1958-1973. Journal of European Integration History, 11 (1). ISSN 0947-9511

Ludlow, N. Piers (2003) A waning force: the Treasury and British European Policy, 1955-1963. Contemporary British History, 17 (4). pp. 87-104. ISSN 1361-9462

Ludlow, N. Piers (2003) An opportunity or a threat? The European Commission and the Hague Council of December 1969. Journal of European Integration History, 9 (2). pp. 11-26. ISSN 0947-9511

Ludlow, N. Piers (2003) A warning force: the treasury and British European policy, 1955-1963. Contemporary British History, 17 (4). pp. 87-104. ISSN 1361-9462

Ludlow, N. Piers (2001) Too far away, too rich and too stable: the EEC and trade with Australia during the 1960s. Australian Economic History Review, 41 (3). pp. 267-286. ISSN 0004-8992

Ludlow, N. Piers (2001) No longer a closed shop: post-1945 research in the French archives. Cold War History, 2 (1). pp. 158-163. ISSN 1468-2745

Ludlow, N. Piers (1999) Challenging French leadership in in Europe: Germany, Italy and the Netherlands and the outbreak of the Empty Chair Crisis of 1965-6. Contemporary European History, 8 (2). pp. 231-248. ISSN 1469-2171

Book Section

Ludlow, N. Piers (2013) The unnoticed apogee of Atlanticism?: US-Western European relations during the early Reagan era. In: Patel, Kiran Klaus and Weisbrode, Kenneth, (eds.) European Integration and the Atlantic Community in the 1980s. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, pp. 17-38. ISBN 9781107031562

Ludlow, N. Piers (2012) Problematic partners: de Gaulle, Thatcher, and their impact. In: Jones, Erik, Menon, Anand and Weatherill, Stephen, (eds.) Oxford Handbook of the European Union. Oxford handbooks in politics & international relations. Oxford University Press , Oxford, UK, pp. 206-218. ISBN 9780199546282

Ludlow, N. Piers (2011) The end of symbiosis: the Nixon era and the collapse of comfortable co-existence between European and Atlantic integration. In: Scott-Smith, G. and Aubourg, V., (eds.) Atlantic, Euratlantic, or Europe-America?: the Atlantic Community and the European Idea From Kennedy to Nixon. Soleb. ISBN 9782918157007

Ludlow, N. Piers (2010) Governing Europe: charting the development of a supranational political system. In: Kaiser, Wolfram and Varsori, Antonio, (eds.) European Union History: Themes and Debates. Palgrave Macmillan Ltd., Basingstoke, UK, pp. 109-127. ISBN 9780230232693

Ludlow, N. Piers (2010) From words to actions: reinterpreting de Gaulle's European policy, 1958-69. In: Neunlist, C, Locher, A and Martin, G, (eds.) Globalizing De Gaulle: International Perspectives on De Gaulle's Foreign Policy. Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, USA. ISBN 9780739142486

Ludlow, N. Piers (2010) European integration: a Cold War phenomenon. In: Westad, Odd Arne and Leffler, Melvyn P., (eds.) The Cambridge History of the Cold War. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. ISBN 9780521837200

Ludlow, N. Piers (2009) History aplenty: but still too isolated. In: Egan, Michelle, Nugent, Neill and Paterson, William E., (eds.) Research Agendas in Eu Studies: Stalking the Elephant. Palgrave studies in European Union politics. Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire, UK. ISBN 9780230555242

Ludlow, N. Piers (2009) The green heart of Europe: the rise and fall of the CAP as the community’s central policy, 1958-1985. In: Patel, Kiran Klaus, (ed.) Fertile Ground for Europe?: the History of European Integration and the Common Agricultural Policy Since 1945. Nomos, Baden-Baden, Germany. ISBN 9783832944940

Ludlow, N. Piers (2009) Widening, deepening and opening out: towards a fourth decade of European integration history. In: Loth, Wilfried, (ed.) Experiencing Europe: 50 Years of European Construction 1957-2007. Publications of the European Union Liason Committee of Historians. Nomos, Baden-Baden, Germany. ISBN 9783832941246

Ludlow, N. Piers (2009) In Search of Balance: Italy, Britain and the 'dream' of another European axis. In: Craveri, Pierro and Varsori, Antonio, (eds.) L'italia Nella Costruzione Europea. Un Bilancio Storico (1957-2007). Storia internazionale dell'età contemporanea. FrancoAngeli, Milian, Italy. ISBN 9788856813555

Ludlow, N. Piers (2009) Value, flexibility and openness: the treaty of Rome’s success in historical perspective. In: Baquero Cruz, Julio and Closa Montero, Carlos, (eds.) European Integration From Rome to Berlin: 1957-2007: History, Law and Politics. Cité européenne - European Policy(39). Peter Lang Publishing Group, Oxford, UK, pp. 17-32. ISBN 9789052014647

Ludlow, N. Piers (2008) The European Commission and the rise of Coreper: a controlled experiment. In: Kaiser, Wolfram, Leucht, Brigitte and Rasmussen, Morten, (eds.) The History of the European Union: Origins of a Trans- and Supranational Polity 1950-72. Routledge/UACES contemporary European studies. Routledge, Oxford, UK, pp. 189-205. ISBN 9780415463935

Ludlow, N. Piers (2008) A naturally supportive environment?: the European institutions and German unification 1989-1990. In: Ludlow, N. Piers, Bozo, Frederic, Rey, Marie-Pierre and Nuti, Leopoldo, (eds.) Europe and the End of the Cold War: a Reappraisal. Cold War history. Routledge, Abingdon, UK. ISBN 9780415449038

Ludlow, N. Piers (2007) Making the new Europe: European integration since 1950. In: Martel, Gordon, (ed.) A Companion to International History 1900 - 2001. Blackwell companions to history. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, UK, pp. 327-339. ISBN 9781405125741

Ludlow, N. Piers (2006) De-commissioning the empty chair crisis: The community institutions and the crisis of 1965-6. In: Wallace, Helen, Winand, Pascaline and Palayret, Jean-Marie, (eds.) Visions, Votes and Vetoes :the Empty Chair Crisis and the Luxembourg Compromise Forty Years On. European policy - Collection "La cité européenne,34(34). Peter Lang, Brussels, Belgium, pp. 79-96. ISBN 9789052010311

Ludlow, N. Piers (2006) From deadlock to dynamism: the European community in the 1980s. In: Dinan, Desmond, (ed.) The Origins and Evolution of the Eu. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9780199267927

Ludlow, N. Piers (2006) A supranational Icarus: Hallstein, the early commission and the search for an independent role. In: Varsori, Antonio, (ed.) Inside the European Community : Actors and Policies in the European Integration 1957-1972. NOMOS, Baden-Baden, Germany. ISBN 383291191X

Ludlow, N. Piers (2005) Decision-making in the 1960s EC : three case studies. In: Loth, Wilfried, (ed.) la Gouvernance Supranationale Dans la Construction Européenne. Emile Bruylant, Brussels, pp. 115-136. ISBN 2802720244

Ludlow, N. Piers (2005) Plus que six ambassadeurs : l’émergence du Coreper durant les premières années de la CEE. In: Badel, L., Jeannesson, S. and Ludlow, N. Piers, (eds.) L’adaptation des Administrations Nationales a la Construction Européenne : Une Approche Historique (1920-1975). Peter Lang Publishing, London, UK.

Ludlow, N. Piers (2003) Paying the price of victory? Postwar Britain and ideas of national independence. In: Geppert, Dominik, (ed.) The Postwar Challenge: Cultural, Social and Political Change in Western Europe, 1945-1958. Studies of the German Historical Institute. Oxford University Press, London, UK, pp. 259-272. ISBN 0199266654

Ludlow, N. Piers (2002) Constancy and flirtation: Germany, Britain and the EEC, 1957-1972. In: Noakes, Jeremy, Wende, Peter and Wright, Jonathan, (eds.) Britain and Germany in Europe 1949-1990. Studies of the German Historical Institute London. Oxford University Press, Oxford, U.K., pp. 95-112. ISBN 9780199248414

Ludlow, N. Piers (2002) Une Influence Décroissante: Le Treasury et la construction européenne, 1956-63. In: Le Role des Ministères des Finances et De L'economie Dans la Construction Européenne (1957-1978): 2 Volumes, Actes du Colloque T. La Documentation Française, Paris, France. ISBN 9782110909480

Ludlow, N. Piers (2002) Us or them? The meanings of ‘Europe’ in British political discourse. In: Malmborg, Mikael af and Strath, Bo, (eds.) The Meaning of Europe: Variety and Contention Within and Among Nations. Berg Publishing, London, UK. ISBN 1859735819

Ludlow, N. Piers (2002) A short-term defeat: the Community institutions and the second British application to the EEC, 1966-7. In: Daddow, Oliver, (ed.) Harold Wilson and European Integration: Britain's Second Application to Join the Eec. Cass Publishing, London, UK, pp. 135-150. ISBN 0714682071

Ludlow, N. Piers (2001) Too close a friend? The Netherlands and the first British application to the EEC, 1961-1963. In: Ashton, Nigel J and Hellema, Duco, (eds.) Unspoken Allies: Anglo-Dutch Relations Since 1780. Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam, Netherlands, pp. 223-239. ISBN 9789053564714

Ludlow, N. Piers (1999) "Ne pleurez pas, Milord": Macmillan and France from Algiers to Rambouillet. In: Aldous, Richard and Lee, Sabine, (eds.) Harold Macmillan: Aspects of a Political Life. St. Martin's Press, New York, U.S., pp. 95-112. ISBN 9780312219062

Ludlow, N. Piers (1997) A problem of trust: British agriculture and the Brussels negotiations. In: Wilkes, G, (ed.) Britain's First Failure to Enter the European Community, 1961-63: Crises in European, Atlantic and Commonwealth Relations. Frank Cass & Co. Ltd, London, UK. ISBN 9780714646879

Ludlow, N. Piers (1996) Influence and vulnerability: the role of the European Commission in the 1961-63 enlargement negotiations. In: Griffiths, Richard and Ward, Stuart, (eds.) Courting the Common Market: the First Attempt to Enlarge the Eec. Lothian Foundation Press. ISBN 9781872210230

Conference or Workshop Item

Ludlow, N. Piers (2007) The end of symbiosis: the Nixon era and the end of comfortable co-existence between European and Atlantic integration. In: Atlantic, Euroatlantic or Europe-America? The Atlantic idea from Kennedy to Nixon, 20-21 September 2007, Roosevelt Studies Center, Middleburg, the Netherlands. (Unpublished)

Ludlow, N. Piers (2004) A few thoughts on the future of Europe's past. In: First conference of the History of European Integration Research Society, 6-7 November 2004, Cambridge, UK.

Ludlow, N. Piers (2002) Chronicle of an enlargement foretold: the six and the emergence of agreement over widening 1967-9. In: Third "Breakthrough Project" Meeting, 22-23 November 2002, Barcelona, Spain. (Unpublished)


Ludlow, N. Piers (2016) Roy Jenkins and the European commission presidency, 1976 –1980: at the heart of Europe. Security, Conflict and Cooperation in the Contemporary World . Palgrave Macmillan, London, UK. ISBN 9781137515308

Bozo, Frederic, Rey, Marie-Pierre, Ludlow, N. Piers and Nuti, Leopoldo, eds. (2008) Europe and the end of the Cold War: a reappraisal. Cold War history . Routledge, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9780415449038

Ludlow, N. Piers, ed. (2007) European integration and the Cold War: Ostpolitik-Westpolitik, 1965-1973. Cold War history . Routledge, Abingdon, UK. ISBN 9780415421096

Ludlow, N. Piers (2006) The European Community and the crises of the 1960s: negotiating the Gaulist challenge. Cold War history . Routledge, London, UK. ISBN 0415375940

Badel, Laurence, Jeannesson, Stanislas and Ludlow, N. Piers, eds. (2005) Les administrations nationales et la construction européenne - une approche historique (1919-1975). Euroclio . Peter Lang, Brussels, Belgium. ISBN 9789052012643

Ludlow, N. Piers (1997) Dealing with Britain: the Six and the first UK application to the EEC. Cambridge studies in international relations (56). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. ISBN 9780521592420


Ludlow, N. Piers (2016) Author interview with Dr Piers Ludlow (LSE): portrait of a president. LSE Review of Books (11 May 2016) Blog Entry.

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