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Aveling, Emma-Louise and Jovchelovitch, Sandra (2014) Partnerships as knowledge encounters: a psychosocial theory of partnerships for health and community development. Journal of Health Psychology, 19 (1). pp. 34-45. ISSN 1359-1053

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Jovchelovitch, Sandra (1994) Comment on Banchs' 'Desconstruyendo una desconstrucción : lectura de Ian Parker (1989) a la luz de los criterios de Parker y Shotter'. Papers on Social Representations, 3 (2). pp. 225-228. ISSN 1021-5573

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Book Section

Jovchelovitch, Sandra and Priego-Hernandez, Jacqueline (2015) Cognitive polyphasia, knowledge encounters and public spheres. In: Sammut, Gordon, Andreouli, Eleni, Gaskell, George and Valsiner, Jaan, (eds.) The Cambridge Handbook of Social Representations. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, pp. 163-178. ISBN 9781107042001 (In Press)

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Jovchelovitch, Sandra (1994) Vivendo a vida com os outros : espaço público, intersubjetividade e representações sociais. In: Guareschi, P.A. and Jovchelovitch, Sandra, (eds.) Textos Em Representações Sociais. Vozes, Petropolis, Brazil, pp. 63-85.


Jovchelovitch, Sandra and Concha, Natalia (2013) Kids Company: a diagnosis of the organisation and its interventions. The London School of Economics and Political Science, London.

Jovchelovitch, Sandra and Concha, Natalia (2013) Kids Company: a diagnosis of the organisation and its interventions: executive summary. The London School of Economics and Political Science, London.

Jovchelovitch, Sandra and Priego-Hernandez, Jacqueline (2013) Sociabilidades subterrâneas: identidade, cultura e resistência em favelas do Rio de Janeiro. UNESCO, Brasilia, Brazil. ISBN 9788576521792

Jovchelovitch, Sandra and Priego-Hernandez, Jacqueline (2013) Underground sociabilities: identity, culture and resistance in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas. UNESCO, Brasilia, Brazil. ISBN 9788576521808

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Jovchelovitch, Sandra (2008) Os contextos do saber: representações, comunidade e cultura. Editora Vozes, Petropolis, Brazilia.

Jovchelovitch, Sandra (2007) Knowledge in context : representations, community and culture (author summary). Routledge, London, UK. ISBN 9780415287357

Jovchelovitch, Sandra (2006) Knowledge in context : representations, community, and culture. Routledge, New York. ISBN 0415287340

Jovchelovitch, Sandra and Guareschi, P.A., eds. (2005) Textos em representações sociais [Texts on social representations]. Vozes, Petrópolis, Brazil.

Jovchelovitch, Sandra (2000) Representações sociais e espaço público : a construção simbólica dos espaços públicos no Brasil [Social representations and public life : the symbolic construction of public spaces in Brazil]. Vozes, Petrópolis, Brazil. ISBN 8532623468

Newspaper/Magazine Article

Jovchelovitch, Sandra (2013) Esclarecendo a psicologia das cidades. City Transformations: Urban Age Conference Newspaper (Oct 2013)

Jovchelovitch, Sandra (2013) Self, community and urban frontiers in Rio de Janeiro. City Transformations: Urban Age Conference Newspaper (Oct 2013)


Jovchelovitch, Sandra (2013) Bridging cultures: crossing urban frontiers in Rio de Janeiro. (Unpublished)

Jovchelovitch, Sandra (2013) Child and kite: flying aspirations in Rio. (Unpublished)

Jovchelovitch, Sandra (2013) Dressing up: play and carnival in the favela. (Unpublished)

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