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Helsper, Ellen (2014) Book review: status update: celebrity, publicity, and branding in the social media age. International Journal of Communication, 8 . p. 5. ISSN 1932-8036

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Book Section

Helsper, Ellen and Deursen, Alexander J. A. M. van (2014) Digital skills in Europe: research and policy. In: Andreasson, Kim, (ed.) Digital divides. Taylor and Francis, pp. 127-150. (In Press)


Helsper, Ellen J., Kalmus, Veronika, Hasebrink, Uwe, Ságvári, Bence and de Haan, Jos (2013) Country classification: opportunities, risks, harm and parental mediation. EU Kids Online, The London School of Economics and Political Science, London.

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Helsper, Ellen (2011) The emergence of a digital underclass: digital policies in the UK and evidence for inclusion. LSE Media Policy Project Series, Broughton Micova, Sally, Sujon, Zoetanya and Tambini, Damian (eds.) Media Policy Brief 3. Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.

Georgiou, Myria, Haddon, Leslie, Helsper, Ellen and Wang, Yinhan (2010) Existential field 8: appendix to the report - special focus pieces. Working reports: Existential Fields, EF8. Family Platform Project.

Helsper, Ellen (2008) Digital inclusion: an analysis of social disadvantage and the information society. Department for Communities and Local Government, London, UK. ISBN 9781409806141

Helsper, Ellen (2008) Digital natives and ostrich tactics?: the possible implications of labelling young people as digital experts. Futurelab, Bristol, UK.

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Livingstone, Sonia and Helsper, Ellen (2004) Advertising foods to children: Understanding promotion in the context of children's daily lives. A review of the literature prepared for the Research Department of the Office of Communications (OFCOM). Media@LSE, London, UK. (Unpublished)


Helsper, Ellen J. (2014) Book review: the handbook of food research, edited by Anne Murcott, Warren Belasco, Peter Jackson. LSE Review of Books (01 Mar 2014) Blog Entry.

Helsper, Ellen (2011) Britain needs a digital inclusion policy with concrete targets for both availability and take-up to counter the emergence of a digital underclass. British Politics and Policy at LSE (18 Aug 2011) Blog Entry.

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