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Bhatt, Chetan (2014) The virtues of violence and arts of terror: the salafi-jihadi political universe. Theory, Culture and Society, 31 (1). pp. 25-48. ISSN 0263-2764

Bhatt, Chetan (2012) Human rights and the transformations of war. Sociology, 46 (5). pp. 813-824. ISSN 0038-0385

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Bhatt, Chetan (2000) Primordial being: Enlightenment, Schopenhauer and the Indian subject of postcolonial theory. Radical Philosophy, 100 (March/). ISSN 0300-211X

Bhatt, Chetan (1999) Ethnic absolutism and the authoritarian spirit. Theory, Culture and Society, 16 (2). pp. 65-85. ISSN 0263-2764

Book Section

Bhatt, Chetan (2013) Kant's `raw man' and the miming of primitivism: Spivak's 'critique of postcolonial reason'. In: Bilimoria, Purushottama and Al-Kassim, Dina, (eds.) Postcolonial Reason and Its Critique: Deliberations on Gayatri Spivak's Thoughts. Oxford University Press, New Delhi, India. ISBN 9780198075561 (In Press)

Bhatt, Chetan (2012) Secularism and conflicts about rights. In: Yuval-Davis, Nira and Marfleet, Philip, (eds.) Secularism, Racism and the Politics of Belonging. Runnymede perspectives. Runnymede, London, UK, pp. 6-9. ISBN 9781906732790

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Bhatt, Chetan (2005) From the rivers of hate: strange travels in Indo-German fantasy. In: Schneider, A., Fitz, A., Kröger, M. and Wenner, D., (eds.) Atlas of Indo-German Fantasies. Parthas Verlag, Berlin, Germany. ISBN 3866019106

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Bhatt, Chetan (2002) The land, the blood and the passion: the Hindu far-right. In: Weeks, Jeffrey, Holland, Janet and Waites, Matthew, (eds.) Sexualities and Society: a Reader. Polity, Cambridge, UK, pp. 195-203. ISBN 9780745622484

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Bhatt, Chetan and Lee, Robert (1997) Official knowledges: the free market, identity formation, sexuality and race in the HIV/AIDS sector. In: Oppenheimer, Joshua and Reckitt, Helena, (eds.) Acting on AIDS: Sex, Drugs and Politics. Serpent's Tail, London, UK, pp. 198-234. ISBN 1852425539

Bhatt, Chetan (1994) New foundations: contingency, indeterminacy and black translocality. In: Weeks, Jeffrey, (ed.) The Lesser Evil and the Greater Good: the Theory and Politics of Social Diversity. Rivers Oram Press, London, UK, pp. 138-164. ISBN 1854890549

Bhatt, Chetan (1992) Empowerment and understanding. In: Evans, Bernie, Sandberg, Simon and Watson, Stuart, (eds.) Working Where the Risks Are: Issues in HIV Prevention: Proceedings of the Second Annual Conference of District HIV Prevention Co. Health Education Authority, London, UK. ISBN 1854484214


Bhatt, Chetan (2003) Promoting race equality in the English NHS : a progress review. Commission for Racial Equality, London, UK.

Bhatt, Chetan, Phellas, C. and Pozniak, A. (2000) National African HIV Prevention Projects: evaluation report to the Department of Health / Enfield & Haringey Health Authority. Goldsmiths College and Enfield and Haringey Health Authority, London, UK. ISBN 0902986635

Bhatt, Chetan (1997) Positive responses: HIV and African communities in Enfield & Haringey. Enfield & Haringey Health Authority, London, UK.

Bhatt, Chetan (1996) HIV primary and secondary prevention issues for African communities. HIV and black communities, vol. 2. The HIV Project - North Thames Regional Health Authority, London, UK. ISBN 189924025X

Bhatt, Chetan (1996) Looking at epidemiology. HIV and black communities, vol. 1. The HIV Project - north Thames Regional Health Authority, London, UK. ISBN 1899240209

Bhatt, Chetan (1996) Needs assessment. vol. 3, The HIV Project - North Thames Regional Health Authority, London, UK. ISBN I899240306


Bhatt, Chetan (2001) Hindu nationalism: origins, ideologies and modern myths. Berg, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9781859733431

Bhatt, Chetan (1997) Liberation and purity : race, new religious movements and the ethics of postmodernity. Race and representation series . Routledge (in association with UCL Press), London, UK. ISBN 9781857284249


Bhatt, Chetan (2013) Secularism and communalism in the UK. South Asia @ LSE (02 Jan 2013) Blog.

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