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Banaji, Shakuntala (2015) Behind the high-tech fetish: children, work and media use across classes in India. International Communication Gazette, 77 (6). pp. 519-532. ISSN 1748-0485

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Book Section

Banaji, Shakuntala (2016) Bollywood's periphery: child stars and representations of childhood in Hindi films. In: O'Connor, Jane and Mercer, John, (eds.) Childhood and Celebrity. Routledge, London, UK. ISBN 9781138855274 (In Press)

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Banaji, Shakuntala and Ledwell, Christian (2015) The internet, inclusion and democracy: Shakuntala Banaji on the media under Modi (Part 2). South Asia @ LSE (15 May 2015) Blog.

Banaji, Shakuntala and Ledwell, Christian (2015) Human rights, self-censorship and regulation: Shakuntala Banaji on the media under Modi (Part 1). South Asia @ LSE (14 May 2015) Blog.

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Banaji, Shakuntala (2010) Same riot/demo, different views (guest blog). POLIS: journalism and society at the LSE (11 Nov 2010) Blog.

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